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Modified on: Thu, 4 Aug, 2016 at 10:47 AM

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Hello Team, 

The following new features are now available in Rover PMS. Please share this release with all the Rover-users at your hotel and let us know if you have questions. 

Thank you, 
The StayNTouch Team



Enhancements to Log: The End of Day feature in Rover has seen several updates as a result of this release. Some of the more notable features include the addition of the process log, the ability to re-run a failed process, and the inclusion of the calendar icon, which allows a user to view an End of Day log for a date in the past. 

We encourage all of our Rover-users to read more about the full functionality of this feature in our Knowledge Base article here.


Out of Order / Out of Service Notification:
When a room is marked as Out of Order or Out of Service in Rover, the user will be prompted to select an “end-date” for the room. The end-date should indicate the last day the room is anticipated to display as OOO/OOS in Rover. In cases where there are multiple OOO/OOS dates assigned to the room, only the end-date for the most current period will display. 

Note: If the user needs to print a copy of the Room Status page, the end-date and room type will display on the printed document as well.

Learn more about this feature and placing a room into Out of Order / Out of Service here.


Groups Added: As a result of this most recent release, users may now assign Actions to Groups directly from the Actions Manager page. A toggle icon at the bottom of the Actions Manager page allows the user to toggle between the “guest” icon and “groups” icon. 

Click here to learn how to use this setting.


Room Availability for Group: The release date assigned to a group block determines how a group’s rooms are released back into the group/house inventory. This rule applies to both cancelled and “no show” reservations. Depending on if the group's reservation cancels or "no shows" before, after, or on the group's release date, the room will either be returned to the group availability or house availability. 

Read the full details in our Knowledge Base article here.


Internet Booking Engine: If your property would like to manage which rates display on the Internet Booking Engine (IBE) channel, it is now possible to manage these rates from the Channel Manager page in Rover. A designated Rover-user must select a public rate and toggle ON the rate to ensure the rate can be viewed. Additional settings, such as specifying the room type for the rate may also be managed from this page. 

Learn how to configure this setting here.


In House Guests Report: Now, when the user selects the In-House Guests Report, the user can opt to include due-out guests in the report in addition to stayover guests. 

Get the full details by clicking here.


In House Guests Report: A new Log button has been added that allows a user to track housekeeping updates as they are updated in Rover. The Log is accessible after the user selects a specific room from the Room Status page and will include the following details for each entry: 
  • Which user was responsible for logging the update in Rover (Username). 
  • When the action occurred (Date & Time). 
  • What action was performed (Action). 
  • The front desk and housekeeping status for the room (Front Office Status / Room Status). 
  • The service status of the room (Service Status).


Address Format: Based on the style in which a country formats addresses, Rover will now accurately reflect this format on the following invoices for your hotel: 
    • Guest Bill 
    • Account Bill 
    • A/R Statement 
Even in cases where there are multiple addresses listed on the invoice for different countries, Rover will identify each particular country’s formatting style and reflect that accordingly for the specific hotel, guest/company, or travel agent’s address. 

Additional details regarding configuring your hotel's invoice format are located here.


Room Enhancements Update:
When an incoming reservation is booked through an external party, like Windsurfer, an Add On may already be included in the rate selected for the reservation. From the Enhance Stay page, there is an update regarding how Add Ons appear in Rover when the reservation is received from Windsurfer. 

Adds Ons that were already included for the rate will display with an INCL or “included” label, while Add Ons that had to be added manually will list the price of the Add On. 

In the example to the right, the wine was included in the guest’s rate selection (note the INCL label), but the Rover-user manually added the horse back riding Add On.


External Reference Numbers: Often times when a reservation is booked through an Open Travel Alliance (OTA), Rover will receive a unique confirmation number from the OTA or 3rd party Central Reservation System (CRS). As a result of this most recent release, the OTA’s confirmation number and CRS confirmation number will not only automatically save to the guest’s Stay Card, but the number will be searchable within Rover as well. 

A user may opt to manually add additional reference numbers by selecting the green “plus” sign on the Stay Card as well.


Mobile Phone Icon: There is a new mobile phone icon that now displays when viewing a guest’s details from the Stay Card (in the header) as well as an accompanying space when a user opens the Guest Card. As a result, Rover-users will be able to specify if the guest's phone number is a mobile number or landline number in the appropriate space. 

Note: If a user makes changes to the guest’s contact details in the header or Guest Card - Rover will automatically update the guest's profile ensuring consistency across multiple pages.


Update for Text Messaging Services: As mentioned above, there are now fields on the Stay Card and Guest Card, where a user can save the guest’s mobile phone number and/or landline. As a result of this release, Rover has implemented a system that ensures text messaging services like Go Moment Ivy or Checkmate receive the guest’s phone number, regardless of whether the guest’s number has been saved in the mobile or landline section. 

Rover will always opt to share the guest’s mobile number first. However, if only the landline number is saved to the guest’s card, Rover will still share that number with Go Moment Ivy or Checkmate. This will ensure the text messaging service has a phone number on file for the guest.


Integration with CheckMate: We are excited to announce that Rover can now interface with CheckMate, a text messaging app. Checkmate allows text notifications regarding pre-check in, check-in, and check-out to be transmitted between the hotel and their guests. 

To learn more about this interface, please contact a StayNTouch team member at Please include your contact details and the name of your property, so we better assist you.

ROOM DIARY (Hourly Properties Only) 

Un-assign Rooms: For specific hotels that offer hourly booking, a new pop-out tab has been added to the right side of the page on the Room Diary screen. This tab reveals reservations for the selected date that have not been assigned a room. Drag and drop functionality allows the user to drop an unassigned room into an available slot. Available slots are highlighted in orange

Also, rooms can be un-assigned by clicking on a reservation on the diary and then clicking the un-assign button on top of the screen.


CC Failure Recorded in Activity Log:
During Zest Web check-in, if a guest is prevented from checking-in due to a credit card authorization failure, Rover will now log this entry in the guest's Activity Log, as the example below illustrates.

Collect Number of Keys 
During Check-In: If your property would like to know how many room keys a guest needs before they arrive at your hotel, your Zest Web settings can be configured to collect this information from the guest during Zest Web check-in. This information will be logged in the Notes section and Activity Log on the Stay Card and can be delivered in an email notification

Please Note: Access to this feature requires changes to your Zest Web setup. Please contact a member of StayNTouch support at to inquire about using this feature at your hotel.

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