How to Set Up Invoice Header & Footer

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How to Set Up Invoice Header & Footer

If you'd like your hotel's information (logo, address, contact information, etc.) to display on the guest's invoice, follow the instructions below to customize the invoice header and footer. 

Before you Get Started

If you've already completed this step, click here to learn how to print the invoice for the guest.  

Step 1. Go to Settings > Hotel & Staff

  • Navigate to the Hotel & Staff page by selecting Menu > Settings > Hotel & Staff.


Step 2. Select Hotel & Staff > Stationery

  • Click the Hotel & Staff button. Then select Stationery.


Step 3. Scroll to Customize Guest Bill Section

  • Find the Customize Guest Bill header on this page.


Step 4. Locate Hotel Logo Section

  • Scroll down to the section titled Hotel Logo, and begin making adjustments to the following sub-sections:  

A. Hotel Logo

From the dropdown menu, select the logo you'd like to display at the top of the invoice. We recommend using the image saved under the name: Use Hotel Logo Image for Rover. If you don’t want a logo to display, select No Logo.

B. Show Hotel Address

Turn ON the Show Hotel Address setting by clicking the toggle. The toggle will move to the right and display in green when it is ON.


Your property's Address Details are pulled from the Settings > Hotel & Staff > Hotel Details page. If you need to update your hotel's address at anytime, a designated Rover-user with the correct permissions may do so from this page. 

C. Custom Text

The Custom Text section allows you to place content in the Header and/or Footer of the invoice. Any text you’d like to display in the header and footer can be added here (welcome note, hotel name, address, contact information).

Step 5. Click Save Changes

  • Make sure to save your settings by selecting Save Changes at the bottom of the page.


                                                                                Invoice Layout Example: 

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