End of Day Log

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End of Day Log

What is End of Day? 

In Rover PMS, the End of Day sequence (also referred to as the “night audit” or “day audit”) balances the hotel’s finances for the day and ensures the accuracy of all the financial activity at the hotel. End of Day can be set to run manually or automatically. 

We strongly encourage your property configure End of Day to run automatically.  

End of Day performs many necessary functions, including auditing the guest ledger, posting charges to guests’ folios, processing credit cards, balancing accounts receivable, and just about anything relevant to calculating incoming/outgoing finances at the property. 

Admin Settings 

  • From the Settings > Hotel & Staff > Setting & Parameters, it is possible to specify if End of Day should run manually or automatically. 
  • Always include an email recipient in the EOD Reports section. 

Please Note: It is strongly recommended that your property runs End of Day automatically. You should select a time that is convenient for your property (day or night). 

Overview of the End of Day Page

  • Selecting the End of Day button in Rover (Front Desk > End of Day) will open the End of Day process log page
  • On this screen, the user is presented with a running list of each End of Day process and its current status for the selected business date (success, failure, pending). 

Note: The default date will be yesterday's date, but a calendar icon allows the user to view a different date in the past.


How to Manually Run End of Day 
  • From the End of Day page, a designated Rover-user with the permission to Access Run End of Day can select the RUN EOD button. 
  • The user will also need to enter their Rover login password for authentication purposes. 
  • This permission can be managed from the Hotel & Staff > Permissions page. 
  • When the user navigates to the End of Day process log page, the default date will be yesterday's date.

Note: By selecting the calendar icon, a user can manually run End of Day for the hotel’s current business date or a date in the past. 

Step 1. Select the Current Business Date 
  • From the End of Day page, select today’s business date with the calendar icon.
  • Then click RUN EOD

End of Day Notice
  • If a user selects RUN EOD and End of Day was run in the last 18 hours, Rover notifies the user when End of Day was last completed. 
  • Only users with the correct permission assigned in Rover (override business date change <18 hours), can proceed with manually running End of Day at this point.
  • By default, this permission (override business date change <18 hours) is only assigned to Hotel Admin, so manage this permission accordingly. 


A user with this permission assigned to their account can still proceed with running End of Day. 

As a result, the Start End of Day button will display in orange. 



All users without this permission will be met with a grey/disabled Start End of Day button, which prevents them from proceeding with the action. 


Step 2. Run End of Day 

  • However, if the above notification message does not appear, then the user will proceed to the following screen.
  • Select the green Start End of Day button to begin.

Step 3. Enter Password 
  • Rover will prompt you to enter a password. Enter the same password you use to login to Rover in the space provided.

Step 4. Date Verification 
  • A pop-up window will appear informing the user they’ve opted to begin running end of day for a specified date, which will change Rover’s business date. 
  • Click Start End of Day Process to proceed.

Step 5. Confirm Run End of Day 

  • A secondary pop-up window will appear verifying that the user would like to run End of Day. 
  • Select Continue to begin End of Day.

Step 6. End of Day Routine in Progress 
  • You can tell when End of Day is running becuase: (1) the Header Message flashes and (2) a Secondary "Refresh" Message appears
  • These messages will continue to display while End of Day runs.
  • Feel free to navigate away from this page while the process completes. 

Header Message 

Secondary Message 

Step 7. End of Day Complete 
  • When End of Day is complete, the user will be presented with a running list of each End of Day process and its current status for the selected business date (success, failure, pending).

Use Your Head: End of Day Messages Appear in Header 

Familiarize yourself with the header on the End of Day page. It is an excellent guide to understanding what’s happening during the End of Day sequence. Currently, there are three different messages a user may see in the header of the End of Day page (see below).

End of Day Routine in Progress 
This message appears in the header when Rover begins running the End of Day sequence. You can navigate away from this page while the sequence runs. 

EOD Processes failed, please check log! 

If during End of Day processes there is an error during processing, the header at the top of the page beside the current date will auto-update with a message notifying the user that there was an error during processing. The user will then want to check the End of Day log for more details. 

Please Note: The failed process itself will not stop the End of Day process from completing or prevent the Hotel Business Date from changing to the next day.

EOD running again 

This messages appears when a user selects the RE-RUN button for a failed entry. As the example below illustrates, when an End of Day process successfully processes, a green check mark will appear beside the log entry.

However, if there were any errors during processing, the failures will display in red text, and the user can choose to RE-RUN the process to resolve the issue. Selecting the re-run button on the failed log will only run the process for the selected log (not the whole script).

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