Master Release Notes: Rover PMS (v3.0)

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Master Release Notes: Rover PMS (v3.0)

The Complete Guide to Rover & Zest 

Effective: 18 October 2017

This document is a collection of all the product enhancements and new functionality released over the past five months. We encourage you to review each section below to learn about what's available to your property. 

Newest Changes: 

AR Enhancements (v3.0)

Rover App Enhancements


Rover Export 

All Previous Updates:

AR Enhancements (v2.9)  




Hotel Settings 

Confirmation Email Update 



Enable Add Ons 

  • Zest Web

  • Zest Station 



Room Diary



*New* Permission 

  • Users must be assigned the permission “Allocate/unallocate payment” to perform allocations and unallocations.

  • Permissions settings are located under Settings > Hotel & Staff > Permissions.

  • Submit a support request if you need additional assistance managing this permission.

Statement (Print / Email) Changes 

  • The AR Statement (which can be printed or emailed) has been updated with a debit, credit, and amount due field. 

  • The charges amount header has been renamed “debits”.

  • Allocated payments appear under the “credits” tab. 

  • The “amount due” represents the remaining balance on the invoice. 

  • Reservations are sorted individually by each reservation confirmation number. 

  • You will also be able to identify invoices by their associated Account Name/Number from the Statement. 

  • There will be a total sum for the outstanding balance at the end of the invoice (i.e. Total Amount Due). 

*New* Adjust Charge 

  • Users with the permission “Adjust AR Invoice” can adjust invoice charges (as well as Manual Balance entries).

  • Use the pencil icon to begin adjusting charges. 

  • Adjustments are only possible from the Balance tab for fully open invoices. 

  • Adjustments cannot be made from the Paid Bills / Unallocated/ Allocated tabs.

  • Adjustments cannot be made to invoices with partial payments.

  • Grouped charges can be adjusted. 

  • Adjustments will appear:

(1) On the invoice under the AR Transactions Tab.

(2) On the Journal under the AR Balance (note this will not be recorded under Guest Balance).

An example of the “Early Check-In Upsell” item being adjusted. 

Optional: Show Reference

  • When adjusting a charge, select the Show Reference on Guest Invoice checkbox to include or exclude reference notes from the Statement. 

  • This checkbox only impacts the Statement. 

Manual Balance

  • The Manual Balance entry now displays a field for the AR Aging date. 

*New* Move Invoices:

  • From the AR Transactions tab, choose an invoice. Select the orange chevron arrows to reveal the newly added Move Invoice button. 

    • Users will only be able to move an invoice to an account with an AR number assigned. 

      • Manual Balance entries can be moved as well. 

      • The “move” action will be recorded in the Journal and the Activity Log (located on the Stay Card). 

      • The AR Aging date will appear on the invoice. 

      • The reservation’s billing information will update on the Stay Card (Bill & Charges page).

      • Invoices with partial payments cannot be moved. 

*New* Post Charge 

  • From the AR Transactions tab, choose an invoice. Select the orange chevron arrows to reveal the newly added Post Charge button. 

  • Use the Post Charge button to post additional charges to an invoice.

  • Newly added charges will only appear under the AR Transactions tab and in the Journal; they do not display from the Stay Card or Guest Bill page. 


There were a number of app updates over the course of version 3.0’s release. To enjoy these benefits, upgrade to version 1.3.5 of Rover from the App Store (search for SNT Rover). Learn more below:

Device Status Button: We’ve introduced the ability to check the status of paired iCMP device(s) from the iPad. Functionality with the iPad includes:

(1) A status button that instantly retrieves stats about the device (access from Settings > Device Status).

(2) A banner notification when the device loses connectivity.

(3) A banner notification when the device’s battery life drops below 20%.

Display the Device Status When the Workstation has Websocket Connection: Properties that use MagTek credit card swipes can also check the connection status from the Device Status screen while logged in to Rover (desktop only).

Handle Credit Card Swipes With Multiple Tabs/Browsers Open: You can now swipe a credit card with multiple tabs and browser windows open from an iPad or desktop. The swipe action will send the response back to the active tab/window. For this reason, you will want to remain on the correct tab while swiping.


For IFC (and all CRS Interfaces) we have put into place certain messaging standards to ensure a greater percentage of inbound messages successfully reach the PMS.


Per these requirements, messages will need the following:

  • Reservations require an arrival and departure date

  • Reservations cannot be inserted without adults or children (by default the PMS will use a value of 1 if the incoming message has none)

    • Reservations need a rate or rate amount (we will use the default rate if nothing is sent from the external system)

    • Reservations cannot be inserted without a guest (guest details required a Last Name and First Name)

    • Reservation cannot be inserted with the wrong room type

The following Acceptance Criteria will help to ensure messages reach the PMS:

  1. The PMS will insert a default room type (configured in Rover’s hotel admin setup) 

    • Rover will use the default room type if the room type is not recognized by the PMS

  2. For any validation error while inserting (including using the default values for room type log), store a WARNING note and include that warning in the response message (if vendor supports) when responding to the incoming message

  3. Also, add a note to the reservation that indicates that a default room type was used and what room type was disregarded


Past Reservations - Monthly
  • We renamed the Last Month Reservations export to the Past Reservations - Monthly export. 
  • There are additional time period parameters for the export, including:
    • The ability to select All, Last Month, or a specific month from the time period dropdown menu. With the ALL parameter, the export will include all past dates, excluding the current business date. 
    • The option to set the export to roll back 12 months on a per month basis.
  • Learn more about scheduled exports in our overview video here



Significant improvement were made to the Accounts Receivable module during this restructuring. Major changes include: 

  • You now have the ability to allocate and unallocate payments to a bill from the AR module. (Permission driven.)

    • Allocations can be for full or partial amounts.

    • Unallocations can only be for the full amount. 

  • You can access the Stay Card, Move Charges, and Post Charges from an invoice under the AR Transactions tab. 

  • The AR module now manages information from four tabs: 

    • Balance: This is the total outstanding amount to be paid for all the invoices. These invoices will display a “total due” amount. 

    • Paid: The total sum of all the invoices that have been paid. When expanded, these invoices will display a $0.00 amount.  

    • Unallocated: This is the outstanding amount available to be allocated. 

    • Allocated: This is the total amount of credits that have been allocated.

  • You can now submit a payment with the Payment button. 

  • The Manual Balance Entry, which is used for recording invoices while switching between PMS’s, has been implemented in the AR module.  

    • This is only available during the initial cutover between two systems.

    • Requires the configuration of a non-revenue charge code.  

Create an AR Account 

  • We’ve added a new permission to Rover: Create AR Account 

    • Parameters: As a result of this permission, only users with the Create AR Account permission can create or edit AR Accounts in Rover. 

    • Newly created or edited AR Accounts will be recorded in the Activity Log.

    • The following user groups will automatically have this permission assigned to them: 

      • Hotel Admin

      • Hotel Supervisor 

      • Accounting Staff 

  • Permission Parameters: 

    • With the permission, the Rover user will be able to:

      • Create and edit AR Accounts from the Account Receivable page.

      • Assign AR Accounts to reservations (which occurs on a Company Card or Travel Agent Card).

    • Without this permission, the user will need to do one of the following: 

  1. Select a different payment method for the guest at the time of checkout. 

  2. Checkout the guest with an open balance (reservations can only be checked out with an open balance if the business date matches the reservation’s departure date). 

  3. Ask a supervisor (who has the Create AR Account permission) to set up an AR Account with direct bill. 


Reinstate a No-Show 

  • Individual no show reservations can now be reinstated from the Stay Card (see screenshot below). 

  • The reinstate button will appear on the Stay Card up until the guest’s departure date.  

  • The new arrival date for the reservation will be the date on which the reservation is reinstated. 

  • The arrival date recorded in Rover’s reports will be the date the reservation was reinstated. 

  • Reinstating a reservation will be recorded in the Activity Log. 


  • No show reservations can ONLY be reinstated before the reservation's departure date. 

  • Reinstate is not available for reservations belonging to a group/allotment.

  • If reinstating a no show reservation results in overbooking the house, a message will appear prompting the Rover-user to Confirm Overbooking. 

  • Overbooking the house is a permission based action: Overbook House.

+NEW Button Added to Multiple Screens

  • The + NEW button (which can be used to quickly create new reservations) will now display on the following screens in Rover PMS:

  • The Dashboard 

  • Any of the screens accessible from the Dashboard (arrivals, departures, stayovers, departures, etc.)

  • Any where that Rover’s search bar is available to use. 


  • The Reservation Summary and Billing Information screens will now reflect the number of accompanying guests - whether they be adults, children, and/or infants. 

  • If the number of accompanying guests changes (+/-), the “guest” field will change accordingly.

  • The icons for children and infants have been updated. 

    • Child: child wearing mortarboard

    • Infant: baby icon


  • The restrict post toggle prevents hotel staff from posting additional charges to a guest’s bill if the guest doesn’t have a credit card on file. 

  • *NEW* Now, if the restrict post toggle is ON (preventing posting), it will automatically switch to OFF (allowing posting) when a staff member updates the reservation with a credit card.     

  • This is true for Rover PMS, Zest Web, Zest Station, SIX Payment, and SaferPay.


Auto Assign Tasks: 

  • This new functionality allows you to automatically assign available housekeeping tasks to selected employees. This module will take the employee and the work type filter into consideration when assigning tasks. 

How to Use the Auto Assign button? 

  • To auto-assign tasks, navigate from the Sidebar Menu to Housekeeping > Task Management.

  • Select Manage Work Sheets at the bottom of the page. 

  • Then, use the drop down menu to select the employees you want to assigns tasks to. 

  • Lastly, choose the Auto Assign button. 

  • The auto-assign feature will split the available tasks equally between the selected employees. 

  • If the ratio of room/tasks to employees cannot be evenly split, Rover will “hold” the remaining rooms under the unassigned column (see screenshot below).

  • Any remaining rooms will need to be manually assigned by a Rover-user.  

Coming Soon! 

  • We are planning to further develop the auto assign functionality to assign tasks by housekeeping sections and employee work-time. Standby for future updates in upcoming releases. 

Work Management (Print) Report 

  • Rover now includes the guest’s arrival and departure date on the PRINT version of the Room Status and Work Management pages if the room is OCCUPIED.

    • The downward pointing arrow indicates an arrival. 

    • The upward pointing arrow indicates a departure. 

    • Locate the Room Status page: Sidebar Menu > Housekeeping > Room Status

    • Locate the Work Management page: Sidebar Menu > Housekeeping > Task Management > Manage Work Sheets 



  • Tip Charge Code: StayNTouch Installers can now map Comtrol tip charges to a Rover charge code (Interfaces > Comtrol > Generic Mapping). Tips will always be routed to the external value 295 in Comtrol. 

  • Message 61: Rover now accepts tips from Comtrol when the amount in message 61 is $0.00. 



iHotelier: Inclusive vs Exclusive Tax

  • For rates with inclusive or exclusive taxes, we ONLY send iHotelier the Amount Before Tax (not the Amount After Tax). The rate and tax will always be separate in our messages to iHotelier; we never “bundle” this information.

For Example: 

  • Inclusive Tax: A reservation is booked at a rate of $90 and the tax is $10. In this scenario, the guest will see a $100 charge on their bill, because the tax is inclusive. In the message to iHotelier; however, the price will be listed as Amount Before Tax ($90) and the Taxes Amount ($10).  

  • Exclusive Tax: A reservation is booked at a rate of $90 and the tax is $10. In this scenario, the guest will see two separate charges on their bill, one listing the rate price ($90) - as well as a  “sub-charge” indicating the tax ($10). In the message to iHotelier; however, the price will be listed as Amount Before Tax ($90) and the Taxes Amount ($10).  

  • Restrictions Messages: We’re improved how Rover handles restriction messaging with iHotelier (TravelClick). Restrictions are set in Rover's Rate Manager. The messages we send now are much more condensed and easier to process. 

  • Label Rename: In Rover’s Interface Settings, the label TravelClick has been renamed iHotelier. 

Name on Reservation Appears as Anonymous

  • Now when running a Snapshot export (full and incremental), the name assigned to the guest’s reservation (first name/last name) will display the word ‘anonymous’.

More Automation Added to Snapshot Interface: 

  • We’ve added automation to the CSV reports that are being generated for comparison purposes, so every time a full export is triggered to Snapshot, a CSV file for validation will also be generated and sent to an email address until user decides to turn this validation off.

M3: Send Reports without Taxes 

  • M3 BackOffice requests financial information that EXCLUDES taxes for financial information related to charge codes, rates, room types, and market segments. 

  • These reports can now be set up for delivery in Rover (Settings > Interfaces > Back Office > M3 Back Office Export). 

    • To enable, assign the following reports to the “Selected Data Types” for M3 Back Office:  

    • Financial Journal Charge Codes No Tax

    • Financial Journal Rates No Tax

    • Financial Journal Room Types No Tax

    • Financial Journal Market Segments No Tax


Enhanced Messaging

  • Rover now supports additional messaging with ZDirect, including: 

  • E-mail opt-in/opt-out messages (used by ZDirect). 

  • Message containing two phone numbers.

  • Loyalty messages. 

Receive and Update Guest Profiles (2-Way Interface)

  • The 2-way interface between Rover and ZDirect (GMS) now supports messages regarding profile updates. Some of the newer messages now supported include: source of business, market code, rate plane, and notes on the Stay Card.

Additional Messaging Updates

  • The following fields are now included when sending reservation information in the form of a OTA_HotelResNotifRQ message to ZDirect: 

    • Source Code

    • Market Code

    • Deposit Details

    • Cancellation Number (For canceled reservations) 

    • Group Code (For group reservations)

  • When sending required information to Demand360, we now include a OTA_HotelInvBlockNotifRQ (group block notification) message. This message is sent from Rover to the GMS (ZDirect). 

Deposit Details Uploading to ZDirect:

  • Rover PMS does and has been sending reservation messages to ZDirect (this is a one-to-one exchange from the PMS to ZDirect). Now, Rover sends direct deposit details to ZDirect too. These details include: 

    • Was the deposit paid? (yes/no) 

    • What was the payment type? (cash or credit card) 

    • Was this a guaranteed deposit? (yes/no)


Rover Sending Group Details

  • Group/group block messages are now shared between Windsurfer (facilitated under IFC) and Rover.

Disable Legacy Toggle

  • We've introduced the Disable Legacy toggle to ensures that some sites can “go live” with Windsurfer, while acting independently of other sites. Because the time it takes for the property’s legacy interface to transition to a new, two-way interface will vary, this toggle should remain in the OFF (grey/disabled) position - unless otherwise activated by a StayNTouch installer. If you have additional questions, please submit a support ticket via our Helpdesk portal




Historical Sync Added for Cendyn (and Digital Alchemy)

  • Both Cendyn and Digital Alchemy have a historical sync (similar to other interfaces) via an API call that will send older reservation data from the PMS to the CRM.


Additional Messages Supported:  

  • In addition to the information we were previously sending in the OTA_HotelResNotifRQ message, Cendyn is now asking that we add a few more elements to the message, including: source of business, market code, deposit amount, deposit status, and notes from the Stay Card and Guest Card.



  • Rate messages: Rate inventory messages (restrictions, availability, prices) sent to Vertical Booking are now broken into 30 days increments. After 30 days, a new XML is created and delivers the remaining data in an additional XML. This rule applies to all subsequent messages. 

  • Additional Messaging: Vertical Booking accepts messages for committed (confirmed), cancelled, and now ‘modified’ reservations. A modified reservation is a reservation that has been changed/updated (this includes cancelled reservations that has been reinstated in Rover).



  • For the Rainmaker interface, we’ve added a resync that synchronizes historical and future data for rates, inventory, reservations, and groups. In Rover (Interfaces > Revenue Management Center > guestrev), it is possible to set a start/end date, which will then send this data to Rainmaker. Date ranges cannot exceed 45 days. 

  • We now receive OTA_HotelRatePlanNotifRQ/RS (rate plan requests / responses) messages from Rainmaker for Rates. 



  • Lightspeed’s Financial API provides receipt information for a given day. In Lightspeed’s API, a “done” message and a “paid” message are delivered to Rover. Rover now supports both messages. 


  • Rover now includes the upsell amount when sharing the rate amount with Duetto. For example, if a room was originally sold for $150, but the upsell revenue is $10, then Duetto will receive a message for $160.

Digital Alchemy: 

  • We now send reservation information to Digital Alchemy when a reservation is created in Rover. This includes when a reservation is created, cancelled (status), and any adjustment made to the number of accompanying adults and children. 

Overbooking Restrictions with Direct APIs: 

  • Rover PMS does not support overbooking of room types with external 3rd party systems that use direct API integration with Rover. When there is no availability, our API will fail the reservation with an appropriate error message. (Please note this is not applicable for Synxis and other CRS integrations; if the system overbooks, Rover will accept the booking.)

AccountView Update: 

  • Rover PMS no longer includes headers in the .cvs files for RV and CL exports. 

Visma Accounting Software:

  • Users will notice a new addition to the Interfaces section in Rover (Settings > Interfaces > Back Office).

  • Additional work is required before this interface is available for use with Rover; updates will appear in subsequent release notes.  

  • For the interface VISMA, we began the initial interface work by setting up exports that will send send data from Rover to Visma. 

  • The data is packaged into three different files types: R (Revenue), C (Customer), and S (Statistics).

    • The export to VISMA should be delivered as part of End of Day (EOD) process under the “Processing Accounting Exports” process. 

    • The process should also be logged and JSON messages sent to VISMA stored and captured in interface monitor. 

    • Finally, user will have the ability to re-trigger the export in case it fails during the End of Day process. 

Improving Check-In with EMV: 

  • We made several enhancements to the authorization flow during check-in when EMV is enabled.  

    • If there is any authorization to be secured, a request is sent to the EMV Terminal.

    • When there is no credit card on file, the user can collect the authorized amount or opt to continue without authorization.

    • When there is credit card on file, the user should be able to secure the authorization on EMV terminal.

EMV Terminal: Authorizations 

  • When a Rover-user checks-in a guest and the workstation has an EMV terminal attached, Rover will send the authorization request to the terminal.

Payment Integrations: Authorizations 

  • Now, when a credit card is added as a new payment method during check-in or when collecting payment, Rover obtains a $1 authorization. 

RevControl RMS:

  • We began laying the groundwork for a new interface, RevControl RMS (Settings > Interfaces > Revenue Management System). We’re also working to support inbound messages (from PMS to RevControl) and outbound messages (from PMS to RevControl). 

New Integration: OpenKey 

  • Rover can now interface with OpenKey - a software solution that allows guests access to their hotel room via mobile key. 

  • Specifically, Rover sends the guest’s reservation information to OpenKey. OpenKey then manages ‘delivery’ of the mobile key to the guest. 

  • Rover shares a number of reservation messages to OpenKey (check-in, check-out, no show, cancellation, update/changes to reservation, etc. 

New Integration: KeyPR

  • We’ve introduced a new mobile key system: KeyPR (Settings > Interfaces > Door Lock Systems). KeyPR provides guests keyless entry to their room via a mobile app. A message (which is configurable in KeyPR) is triggered to the guest during pre-checkin, checkin, checkout, and room-move.


Set For New Card (Travel Agent)

  • Set for New Card is a checkbox that can be turned ON or OFF under Settings > Reservations > Reservation Settings. 

  • When ON (box is checked), newly created Travel Agent Cards will inherit the Commissions by Agent setting specified in the surrounding section. 

  • When OFF (box is unchecked), new Travel Agent Cards will not inherit the Commissions by Agent setting. Rover-users can manually turn on/configure commissions from the Travel Agent Card when necessary. 

    • NOTE: If Set for New Card is turned OFF (after having been ON for some time), the existing Travel Agent cards will maintain their original commissions settings. However, any new cards will behave independently of these commission settings. 

  • The Set for New Card setting will apply to all Travel Agent Cards, including those created in Rover, delivered via API, or received from an interface. 


  • Rover now supports the Norwegian Krone (NOK) currency. The currency symbol in Rover will appear as a “kr”. A StayNTouch Installer can configure this currency for your property. 

Pick a Rover Header Color 

  • When configured, your property’s header and hotel name can be setup to display a unique color (Figure 1). Only colors available for selection in the color scheme (Figure 2) can be used. To configure this setting, the user must (1) have the correct permission assigned to their user role (Settings - Access to Hotel Admin) and (2) navigate to Settings > Hotel & Staff > Hotel Details and choose a color under the Hotel Name and Location section. Learn more here

Figure 1. 

Figure 2. 


Add Cancellation Note:

  • Now your property can add a guest-facing message explaining your cancellation policy. This message will appear at the bottom of the guest’s confirmation email. Learn more here.  


Added Weekday to Groups

  • The day of the week now appears for group bookings (on the Room Block Details tab) and allotments (on the Allotment Details tab). 


Rate Codes Now Mandatory 

  • Rate codes are now mandatory when creating rates in Rover. 

  • When setting up a rate, a Rover-user can enter a code in the space labeled Rate Code (Settings > Rates > Rates > Rate Details). 

  • However, if a user forgets to include a code, Rover will auto-populate a code. This rate code will mirror the name assigned to the rate.  

  • If the Rate Code field was left blank prior to this change, users can return to the Rate Details section and update the Rate Code.  

  • If a user attempts to create a contract rate, and the parent rate has not been assigned a rate code, an error message will appear, prompting the user to update the Rate Code for the parent rate. 

Custom Rates 

  • Automatically update multiple nightly rates by selecting the “copy” button while configuring a custom rate from the Stay Card. 

  • The newly entered value will be copied to all subsequent cells. 

  • The copy button is a downward pointing arrow, and only appears if the reservation is booked for more than one night. 

  • Locate the copy button by first applying a custom rate from the Stay Card. (Open the guest’s Stay Card, select the rate, and then choose Apply Custom Rate.) 

  • Save these changes, by selecting the green “update” button.

  • Rate changes are recorded in the Activity Log with an “edit reservation” note. 


Contract Rates: End Date Cannot Exceed Parent Rate’s End Date

  • NEW: The end date for a contract rate cannot exceed the parent rate’s end date. (In Rover, contracted rates are created from parent (base) rates. Contract rate creation occurs on the Travel Agent / Company Card.) 

  • An error message will display if the user attempts to select an end date that falls outside of the parent rate’s schedule.


  • The ability to offer add ons during the Zest Web / Zest Station check-in flow can be configured for your property; however, there are several steps that need to be addressed before add ons can be introduced to the check-in flow.

  • If you'd like to contact our team to request assistance with configuring this functionality, please submit a support request via our Helpdesk portal. A StayNTouch team member will contact you to discuss the estimated timeline for this project and outline what we need from your property to get started.



  • Future Reservations: The Future Reservations export has been improved to include more details about upcoming reservations. Click here to learn more about the export. 

  • FTP Updated to SFTP: All FTP (file transfer protocol) servers will be converted to SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) servers. From setup in Rover (Settings > Hotel & Staff > SFTP Servers), there are two new configuration fields: Port and File Path. 


  • Reservation by User: The Reservation by User report is now exportable. 

  • Group Rooms Report: The Group Rooms Report can now be run for dates in the past as well as the future. 

  • Filter Added to Credit Check Report: Select Exceeded Only on the Credit Check Report to generate a report that lists guests who have exceeded the amount authorized for their card on file. 


  • Easily identify adjoining suite rooms from the Room Diary page, by hovering the mouse cursor over a suite room icon (iPad users should tap the suite room icon). Rover will then display all rooms that make up the suite room. For Example: The screenshot below shows that Room 120 is a suite room (noted by the orange suite icon). By hovering over (or tapping) the suite room icon, we can see that Room 112 and Room 199 complete the suite. 

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