Room Diary Overview

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Room Diary

Rover’s Room Diary

The Room Diary provides a snapshot view of reservation activity for a set date range at the property. The date range can span either 7 or 21 days and includes individual reservations, groups, and allotments. To access the Room Diary, select the Sidebar Menu icon > Front Desk > Room Diary.

Permission Driven: Viewing the Room Diary is limited to those users who are assigned the correct permission in Rover. Locate the permission here: Settings > Hotel & Staff > Permissions > Access Room Diary.

Feature Functionality: 

  • Overview: Reservations appear on the Room Diary page once reservation creation is complete AND room assignment occurs (only reservations with a room number are tracked on the Room Diary page). 

  • View: Reservations are listed in the same row as the room number they are assigned. 

  • Reservations: Reservations are color coded from the Room Diary page.

    • Green indicates a front desk status of “incoming.” A white reservation with black font (refer to image below) indicates a due-in reservation for a future date.

    • Red represents “outgoing” reservations.

    • A faded red reservation has checked out in the past.  

    • Blue reservations are “in-house/stayover.”

    • Orange reservations with a downward pointing arrow are pre-check-in/mobile check-ins.

    • White reservations are future reservations. 


  • Rooms: The room’s current “ready” status is represented by color: 

    • Gray room number are either OOO or OOS.

    • Red room numbers are “not ready” rooms.  

    • Green room numbers are “ready” rooms

  • Service Status: The Room Diary lists Out of Order (OOO) and Out of Service (OOS) rooms. These rooms appear as gray blocks on the Room Diary. 

  • Click-Through Functionality: Navigate from the Room Diary to the reservation’s Stay Card by selecting the reservation on the Room Diary page. 

- An orange Stay Card button appears for selection on the Room Diary.

  • The Diary button is accessible from the Stay Card.  

  • Reservation Search: The main search bar on the Room Diary page retrieves past, present, and future reservations based on the guest’s name, allotment/group, confirmation number, and/or external reference number.  The matching reservation will be highlighted in orange horizontally across the page.  

  • Room Number Search: A smaller search bar pulls reservation information based on the room number. The matching reservation will be highlighted in orange horizontally across the page.  

  • Suite Rooms: Suite rooms can be identified by the orange couch icon, which appears beside the room number. Easily identify adjoining suite rooms, by hovering the mouse cursor over a suite room icon (or on an iPad by tapping the suite room icon). Rover will then display all rooms that make up the suite room. 

For example, the screenshot below shows that Room 0102 is a suite room (noted by the orange suite icon). By hovering over (or tapping) the suite room icon, we can see that Room 1001 and Room 0101 complete the suite.

Page Layout: 

  1. Refresh Button: Click to refresh the page and return the newest, most up-to-date results. 

  2. Select Dates (Calendar): Select a date to reveal the reservations for either 7 or 21 days after. Use this feature in combination with the 7 Days or 21 Days button. 

  3. Filter: Click to filter by one or multiple room types or floors. 

  4. Rooms List: The vertical rooms lists every room at the property (even those that are marked as OOO or OOS). View as many as 50 rooms at a time. 

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