Cancellation Notice (Confirmation Email)

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Cancellation Notice (Confirmation Email)

Add a guest-facing note to your confirmation emails that will inform guests of your cancellation policy. This will help notify your guests of any potential fees associated with canceling their reservation. 


Step 1. Configure a Cancellation Policy 

  • If you do not already have a cancellation policy set up, begin by creating one in Rover. 

  • Navigate from the Sidebar Menu to Settings > Rates > Rules & Restrictions.

  • Scroll down to Rules > Cancellation Penalties

  • Choose + Add new rule.

Step 2. Add Cancellation Policy Details 

  • Next, specify the details of the cancellation policy. 

  • Make sure to include all the necessary details (marked with an *asterisk).

    • Request Name

    • Amount 

    • Amount Type 

    • Description 

    • Per Night or Stay 

    • Select a Cancellation Charge Code

  • Explain the terms and/or conditions of the policy in the Description field. 

  • The information you enter in the Description field will appear in the guest’s confirmation email. 

Step 3. Enable the Policy 

  • Make sure the policy is set to ON

Step 4. Configure the Rate

  • Next, your Rate will need to be set up with the cancellation policy. 

  • From Settings > Rates > Rates, select a rate (or create one). 

  • Make sure you have the cancellation penalty selected under the Rules & Restrictions field. 

Step 5. Proceed to Stationery 

  • From Settings > Hotel & Staff > Stationery, locate the Guest Confirmation section.

  • Check the box beside Add Cancellation Policy Description (in addition to the other settings that need to be enabled to send confirmation emails).

  • Make sure to Save Changes at the bottom of the page. 

Step 6. Done! 

  • Success! The next time you send a confirmation email, the cancellation policy associated with that guest’s rate will appear at the bottom of the email

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