Group Rooms Report

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Group Rooms Report 

The Group Rooms Report provides a list of all the property's groups and corresponding room count information based on the specified date range (which can be run for past, present, or future dates). The group block details include the group’s name, group code, release date, lowest rate, rate code, and group status. The group block itself is depicted in a calendar format and includes day-by-day numbers for the number of rooms blocked, picked-up, and the number of rooms still available. Any grayed out areas on the report indicate time outside of the group’s date range (i.e. before the group’s start date or after the end date). Totals for each date (blocked, picked-up, and available rooms) are shown along the top of the report below the dates. The maximum number of days this report can be run is 31. 

Permission Driven: Users need to be assigned the permission “GRC Report” to access the report in Rover. Manage the permission here: Settings > Hotel & Staff > Permissions > GRC Report.


Blocked Rooms: Rooms allocated to the group from the Room Block Details page. 

Picked-Up Rooms: Rooms assigned to a reservation in the group. 

Available Rooms: The remaining number of rooms available for the group to pick-up (blocked rooms minus picked-up rooms).



1. Filter by Date/Date Range 

  • Select a date or date range. 

2. Search by Group

  • Begin typing to select a specific group to view in this report. 

3. Hold Status(es)

  • Choose to retrieve a report based on a certain hold status (examples include: definite, actual, tentative, etc.) 

4. Sort By

  • You have the option to sort your report by Group Arrival Date or Hold Status, as well.

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