Rover PMS Release Notes (v1.21)

Modified on: Thu, 8 Sep, 2016 at 10:26 AM

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Hello StayNTouch Team, 

We are excited to announce the following new features are now available in Rover PMS. Please share these updates with all the Rover-users at your hotel and let us know if you have questions. 

Thank you, 
The StayNTouch Team


Do Not Move Setting 

Reports Enhancements 

Pro Forma Invoice
Invoice Added to AR Transactions 

Bills & Charges 

Journal Pagination
Desktop Notifications

Check-In Update

Interface Updates


Prevent Room Re-Assignment 
  • The Do Not Move toggle in Rover PMS restricts which users can un-assign or change an arriving reservation’s room number.


Schedule Multiple Reports
  • The Schedule a Report button allows a user to configure multiple schedules for a single report. Learn more here.

Actions Added to Arrivals Report
  • Users may now configure the Arrivals Report to display actions by selecting the Include Actions checkbox on the report configuration settings. Read more about the Arrivals Report here.

Rooms OOO / OOS Report
  • A new report called Rooms Out of Order / Out of Service has been added to the Reports section in Rover. Check out the Rooms OOO / OOS Report in our Knowledge Base.


Pro Forma Invoice Added

  • For properties that would like to access Pro Forma Invoices for guests, Rover can now be configured to display this invoice type on the Guest Bill page. Learn more here.


Locate Invoice Number from the Company/TA Card
  • On the AR Transactions tab, the invoice number now displays below the guest's name for easy reference. Selecting the filter icon will reveal a search bar, which allows the user to search by an invoice number as well.


Move Multiple Charges to a New Bill
  • Easily select multiple charges and assign them to a new bill with the Move Charges Icon. Charges may be moved to a new bill or assigned to another guest/account.

Adjustment Reasons Now Post Below Charge
  • If a user chooses to add a comment when removing or editing a charge, the comment will now appear on the Guest Bill page under the charge description.

Update to Edit Charge Permissions
  • Originally, the Edit / Split / Delete Charge was a single permission. As a result of this release, this permission has been separated into three, unique actions: split bill, edit bill, and delete bill.


New Pagination Arrows for Journal
  • Rover-users may now page forward or backward when viewing different ledgers on the Journal page.


Desktop Notifications Enabled
  • Rover desktop-users will notice a banner at the bottom of the page that displays announcements, release notes, and other important messages regarding StayNTouch's products and services.


Prompt for Mobile Number
  • During check-in, Rover will now prompt users to enter the guest's mobile number in addition to their regular phone number and email address.
  • Users may still ignore and proceed with check-in if necessary; however, we recommend collecting these details from the guest at the start of the process.


Guest's Name Successfully Delivered
  • Improvements have been made to ensure guests' names are successfully delivered to external property interfaces. In addition to sending a standard check-in message, containing the guest’s first and last name in one field, Rover also sends a second “name update” message, where the guest’s name is defined in two fields: First Name and Last Name. This ensures vendors have access to both naming formats depending on their needs.

TravelClick/iHotelier CRS
We are excited to announce that Rover PMS can now be configured to interface with TravelClick/iHotelier CRS. Reservations will successfully download from TravelClick/iHotelier CRS into Rover, and TravelClick/iHotelier CRS can receive inventory, rate, and restriction information from Rover. If your property is interested in interfacing with this CRS, please contact a member of our support team at to begin setup.

Refresh for TravelClick/iHotelier CRS
  • With the Run Full Refresh button, a user can perform a full refresh and force synchronization between Rover and TravelClick/iHotelier CRS, ensuring all inventory, rate, and restriction information is delivered to the CRS.

CRS Interfaces
  • This enhancement ensures that once a reservation is checked-in with Rover, any external CRS systems cannot make adjustments or changes to the reservation from their site. This includes attempts to modify the rate amount, re-assign rooms, edit the departure date, etc. Changes made to the guest’s reservation after check-in can only be performed within Rover PMS.

New Report Configuration for M3 Accounting
  • From the M3 Back Office Export page in Rover (Settings > Interfaces > Back Office Setup > M3 Back Office Support), a Reports section has been added that allows a designated Rover-user to control which reports will be delivered in an XML format to the emails listed in the recipient section.

Exact Online Interface
  • For properties interested in interfacing with Exact Online, Exact Online can now be configured to receive revenue, payments, and direct billing information from Rover once the End of Day process is triggered. Preliminary configuration of charge codes and journal mappings is required prior to activation. To learn more about this interface, please contact a StayNTouch team member at

Door Key PIN
  • For properties that use both Oracode Kaba and an external text messaging interface during the check-in process (such as Checkmate or GoMoment Ivy), it is necessary that Rover share the room’s PIN number with Checkmate or GoMoment Ivy. This enhancement ensures that Checkmate or GoMoment Ivy received the room’s PIN number, allowing the text messaging vendor to deliver the PIN to the guest during check-in.

Lightspeed Enhancements
Rover’s interfacing with Lightspeed has seen several improvements as a result of this release. 

  • Guest Bill / Charges Posted: Transactions posted to a guest’s reservation in Lightspeed will now post in Lightspeed regardless of the statement’s amount. However, in Rover, an amount will only post to the Guest Bill page if the amount is less than zero or greater than zero. 
  • Room Numbers: Within Rover, it is common for room numbers to include integers and characters (ex. Cabin01). Modifications to the room request API ensure that both Rover and Lightspeed can easily read and support rooms with numbers and characters. This update also allows Lightspeed to post room numbers with characters. 
  • Taxes / Charges Posted: When room charges, non-room charges, and taxes are posted to a reservation by Lightspeed, Rover is now configured to support those charge code standards and post accordingly to the Guest Bill. 
  • Varying Bandwidth Speeds: Rover is now capable of syncing with Lightspeed, regardless of the user’s internet bandwidth speed. There are two main servers Lightspeed relies on for their internet connection: Liteserver (low bandwidth speed) and cloud-server (high bandwidth speed), and Rover efficiently supports both server types. The only difference between these servers is noted in the receipt ID, which will display a 3-digit code for the slower connection and a 6-digit code for the faster connection. 
  • Multi-Day Checks: During the End of Day sequence, Rover will only attempt to collect multi-day/open checks when the check’s status has been finalized and no longer registers as “in progress/waiting for payment.” This ensures there are no discrepancies or errors when Rover closes a check during the End of Day sequence.

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