Arrivals Report

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Arrivals Report 

The Arrivals Report provides a comprehensive overview of all the property’s arriving reservations for a single date or date range, depending the user’s needs. Rover can retrieve the Arrivals Report for dates in the past, present, or future; there are no date restrictions for the Arrivals Report. 

Step 1. Locate Reports in the Sidebar Menu 

  • From the Sidebar Menu, click Reports

Step 2. Choose the Arrivals Report 

  • Once on the Stats & Reports page, select the Arrivals Report from the View All Reports section. 

Step 3. Configure Your Report

  • To the right of the page, there are several options to choose. 
  • You may opt to configure any of the following: 
    • Date Range  
    • Time Range 
    • Option(s) 
    • Search By Company/TA/Group Card 
    • Search By Guarantee Type 
    • Sort By


Configuration Options 

Date Range 

  • Select a start and end date. 

Note: An error message will appear if a user selects a date range that doesn’t fit the logical search parameters. For example, the (From) date cannot be a date after the (To) date. The (To) date cannot be a date before the (From) date.

Time Range
  • Time selection must be in military time

  • Choose based on the reservation's front desk status
  • You may select multiple boxes. 

 Search By Company/TA/Group Card
  • Locate reservations associated with a Company, Travel Agent, or Group Card.

 Search By Guarantee Type
  • You may retrieve reservations based on the guarantee status of the guest's reservation.
  • You may select multiple boxes. 

Sort By 
  • Choose to sort the results by the guest's Room Number, Name, or Date.

Step 4. Review Your Search Results

  • A typical Arrivals Report will include the following information when no additional configuration settings have been selected:

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