How to Move Multiple Charges in Rover

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How to Move Multiple Charges in Rover

With the Move Charges Icon, a Rover-user can assign multiple charges to a new bill from the Guest Bill page or Accounts page. This functionality is limited to moving multiple charges between in-house guests or to any open accounts. 

Step 1. Locate the List of Charges 
  • Start from the Guest Bill or Accounts page to begin moving or re-assigning charges. Regardless of what page you start from, moving charges is the same for guests or accounts. 

                      GUEST BILL
                       From the Stay Card > Bill & Charges > Guest Bill page.      

                       ACCOUNT DETAILS
                       From the Front Desk > Account page, select the Transactions tab.       

Step 2. Select the Charges
  • Check the box beside the charges you’d like to move or re-assign (you may choose one or more charges at a time). 

Step 3. Click the Move Charges Icon 
  • The Move Charges Icon will appear after a charge or charges have been selected. 
  •  Select the Move Charges Icon

Step 4. Create New Bill 
  • If you need to move one or more charges to a new bill, you must first create a new bill by selecting the "+" icon beside the current bill. 

                      GUEST BILL 





Step 5. Configure & Assign 
From the pop-up window that appears, choose either option below:
  1. Move the charges to a new bill.
  2. Assign the charges to a new account/guest.

Step 6. Review the Activity Log (optional) 
If you would like to view a record of these changes, the action will be tracked in the Activity Log

                      GUEST: ACTIVITY LOG  


                      ACCOUNT: ACTIVITY LOG


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