How to Schedule Multiple Reports in Rover

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Applies to:          Rover PMS             Rover Overlay

How to Schedule Multiple Reports in Rover

This guide demonstrates how to configure multiple schedules for a single report in Rover. Only a designated Rover-user can configure the report's schedule and manage which users receive a copy of the report.

Based on your property’s version of Rover, the following reports are available for configuration: 

Rover Overlay: Arrival, Departure, In-House Guests 

Rover Standalone PMS: Arrival, Comparison, Departure, Guest Balance Report, In-House Guests

Step 1. Locate Reports in Rover
  • From the Sidebar Menu, click Reports

Step 2. Click Scheduled Reports
  • From the Stats & Reports page, select Scheduled Reports

Step 3. Click Schedule a Report Button
  • Select the blue Schedule a Report button 

Step 4. Choose Your Report
  • Select the report you'd like to manage.
    • Arrival 
    • Departure
    • Guest Balance Report (PMS Standalone Only)
    • In-House Guests 

Step 5. Define Schedule Parameters
  • From the menu to the right of the page, choose your schedule’s parameters;
  • Then, click Next.

Step 6. Define Schedule Details
  • Set specific timing details for the report’s delivery.
  • Click Next.

Example of an Hourly Report:

Step 7. Distribution List
  • From the Distribution List column, you may begin adding email addresses. 
  • Anyone added to this list will receive the scheduled report during delivery. 

  • Simply begin typing in the search bar to retrieve a Rover-user’s email address. 

Step 8. Email List Ready 

  • When a name displays below the search field, you’ve successfully added their email to the distribution list. 
  • Each individual will receive an email copy of the report upon delivery. 

Step 9. Create Schedule
  • When you’re ready, select the Create Schedule button. 

Step 10. Locate Your Scheduled Report(s)
  • Each time you create a new schedule for a report, the report and its schedule will display on the Scheduled Report page.
  • It’s not uncommon for a hotel to have several reports scheduled, as this image below illustrates.

Permissions Note

  • Only users in the Hotel Admin category are auto-assigned the "schedule reports" permission in Rover. 
  • Any other department will need to have the action assigned to their group from the Permissions page in rover (Settings > Hotel & Staff > Permissions)

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