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Applies to:       StayNTouch Cloud PMS    StayNTouch PMS Overlay


ivVy offers a system for creating sales and group blocks between systems. ivVy allows groups to be created in ivVy and sent to StayNTouch PMS. Reservations are retrieved from the PMS and linked in the sales system. They can also create bookings in the sales system and have them entered into the PMS.

There is a minimal set up on the StayNTouch side for this. StayNTouch needs to provide OAuth key data to the team and set up webhooks for the hotel.


StayNTouch will set up the following generic webhooks in Settings > Chain > Webhooks to the endpoint provided by the ivVy team.

  • New Group
  • Edit Group
  • Cancel Group
  • Create Guest
  • Edit Guest
  • Update Inventory
  • End of Day Completed
  • New Reservation
  • Edit Reservation
  • Cancel Reservation
  • No Show Reservation
  • Checked-Out
  • Room Move

Once webhooks are set up, OAuth keys can be issued. StayNTouch will generate OAuth keys, and once the OAuth keys are created, StayNTouch will send them to ivVy.

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