Suppressed Rates: Intended Functionality

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Suppressed Rates: Intended Functionality

As part of the billing process, hotels have the option to enable a suppressed rate (SR), or a rate that is hidden from the guest’s view. You can learn how to configure the SR permission setting here.

In some cases, your hotel may opt to hide a rate from a guest, but if you later opt to unhide this rate, you can do so, as well. Below is the intended functionality of a suppressed rate as well as a sample guest bill:

  1. In order to see the prices, you will need to select “SR View Rate” on the stay card before you enter billing. Bill #1 will always print 0.00 if there are any room revenue charges, room upgrades, early check-in/late check-out fees, etc. listed. To print room revenue charges or other charges all on a single bill for the guest to view, you would move those charges to Bill #2 or any bill upwards.

  2. In the example below, you will see a sample bill where the hotel wanted to print just the parking transaction; however, because there is a revenue item that is of type “Room Revenue” on Bill #1, the invoice will print 0.00 for all values. This is a safeguard so the guest does not accidentally see the SR when “Room Revenue” is on Bill #1. To print a receipt for parking, you would need to move the “Room Upgrade” charge code to Bill #2 (or #3 or #4…). After doing so, you will then see a $10.00 charge for parking and a $10.00 cash payment when you print Bill #1.

  1. If the rate wasn’t intended to be a SR for the guest, and they are settling direct, you will need to move all the charges to Bill #2 (after selecting “SR View Rate” on the stay card). Then, when you print Bill #2, the revenue amounts will display.

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