Master Release Notes: Rover PMS (v5.0)

Modified on: Thu, 11 Apr, 2019 at 1:11 PM

Master Release Notes: Rover PMS (v5.0)

The Complete Guide to Rover & Zest

Effective: 19 December 2018

This document is a compilation of all the product enhancements released since v4.0. We encourage you to review each section below to learn about what's available to your property.

Newest Changes:

All Previous Updates:




Country Requirements: Add Fields to Registration Card

The registration card now displays the full primary guest address, including the guest’s country. The added fields include the following:

  • Job Title

  • Date of Birth

  • Nationality

These fields need to be turned on in the registration card settings under Settings > Hotel & Staff > Stationery > Registration Card > Show Contact Information.

If this toggle is ON, then these fields show. If the toggle is OFF, these fields will not show.

Please note, this is applicable for printing the registration card, not for emails.


PMS—ID Collection—Setting


Admin can now enable and configure ID collection during check-in for Rover PMS. Please note, this is still in monitoring release. Those who are interested can contact their sales rep to complete a separate service agreement of $1.50 per room per month (non-negotiable). We expect this feature to go to general release in late March.

  • To enable: 

    • Settings > Hotel & Staff > ID Collection > Rover PMS

  • From here, admin can add a toggle to enable ID collection during check-in

  • When toggled ON, ID collection will be mandatory, and staff will be unable to bypass this during check-in or when queue default is set to OFF

  • Admin can also add a “Scan for all guests” toggle that can be set to YES/NO (default NO). When activated, all members of a reservation with multiple guests will need to scan their ID.

PMS—ID Collection—Check-in

Completion of ID collection is now enforced in order to proceed with check-in. When ID collection is enabled for check-in, complete the following steps:

  • Staff clicks on check-in/queue room (Advanced Queue)

  • Application first checks if all of the guest’s ID information has been successfully collected

  • If all of the guest’s IDs have been collected, agents may proceed to complete check-in

  • If all required IDs have not been collected, or are invalid, the “Continue to Check-in” button will not be active, based on the settings below:

    • “Scan ID for All Guests” is ON > Button will remain inactive until all guest IDs have been collected

    • “Scan ID for All Guests” is OFF > Button will remain inactive until the primary guest’s ID has been scanned

After all required ID scanning has been completed and is valid, the “Continue to Check-in” button will be selectable:

PMS—ID Scan—Check-in on iPad

A new update has been implemented to allow for PMS check-in via ID scan on iPads.

  • Flow is the same as ID check-in via desktop

  • The iPad camera is used for scanning

  • An image preview is shown with a countdown timer, and an image is taken by click or as the countdown finishes

  • ID details are extracted from the scanned image

  • Staff are able to retake each side if necessary 

PMS and Zest Station—ID Scan—Check-in with External Webcam

PMS and Zest Station now offer the ability to check in and complete an ID scan via external webcam. Using an external hardware device, staff will be prompted to capture both sides of the ID upon clicking the scan button. To do so, staff must first activate the external hardware device. After scanning, ID details will be extracted and saved. Staff also have the ability to rescan ID if an image is already attached. Clicking rescan will then prompt to scan the image.

PMS: Show Original Room Type When Room Type is Different from the Original

PMS Standalone: Nightly/Hourly

When changing the room type for a reservation, we now display the original room type in which the reservation was created on the stay card alongside the current room type. The original room type will only display if it is different from the current room type. 

Auto Charge: Include EOD Auto Check-Out Reservations in Screen

In order to make all reservations that are being auto checked out during EOD more visible, we have created an auto charge screen (under Financials > Auto Charge) that users can review on a daily basis. This update also gives users the ability to navigate to the stay card.

A new option has been added to the auto charge screen labeled “EOD Check-Out,” which lists all reservations that were auto checked out from EOD with a credit card payment.


PMS: Add Email Invoices to the Activity Log

PMS Standalone: Nightly 

During check-out, when an email is automatically sent to the email address(es) associated with a bill, an activity log will now indicate to which email address(es) the bill is sent.

This ensures that hotel users are aware of when the invoice is sent to prevent not being paid when a reminder is sent after 30 days. 

Each bill sent, manually or automatically, will show in the activity log with the bill number (1, 2, 3, etc.), time sent, and to which email address. Please note, it will not yet show if the email sent was successful or not.

This function can be accessed in Front Desk > Guests > Search Guest > Activity Log.


A/R: Direct Bill (DB) Invoice/Folio Sequence (Unique to the Existing Invoice Sequence)

PMS Standalone: Nightly

Due to legal requirements and accounting interfaces, we have added a unique A/R invoice number sequence. To activate, please contact Customer Support. 

  • A hotel-specific A/R invoice number has been implemented for these A/R invoices. This label then prints on the invoice.

  • A/R invoices are then generated at the time of payment to the DB from accounts, guest bills, and groups

  • The standard invoice number label and the A/R invoice number will both print

  • When moved to A/R, the user will see the A/R invoice number transferred. This can be viewed on the A/R invoice label and the invoice search screen. 

Mandatory Fields for Company/TA Cards

PMS Standalone: Nightly

With the expanding legal and fiscal requirements in Europe, an increasing number of countries require certain fields as mandatory. We have added a separate area in Settings > Hotel & Staff > Stationery, where users can set specific fields as mandatory via toggle button. You can do so as follows:

  • To enable: 

    • Settings > Cards > CO/TA Mandatory fields

  • Each field will have a corresponding status toggle (YES: the field will be mandatory; NO: the field will not be mandatory). These fields are as follows:

    • Address Line 1

    • City

    • Postal Code

    • Country

    • Contact Phone

    • Contact Email Address

    • Contact Name

    • Tax ID

  • Users will also see a checkbox that reads “Mandatory during A/R number creation”

  • A/R number will not be saved until all mandatory fields are filled.

Please note, this area is still developing, and we will be adding more flexible functionality in the near future.


Zest Station—ID Collection—Admin Configuration


Admin can now enable and configure ID Collection for Zest Station.

  • To enable: 

    • Settings > Hotel & Staff > ID Collection > Zest Station

  • From here, admin can add a toggle to enable ID collection during check-in

  • Admin can select the type of ID scan and verification that best fits the legal requirements and policies of their hotel:

    • ID Scan (validation, but no verification)

    • ID Scan with Staff Verification: Allows guests to upload their ID and staff to verify

    • ID Scan with Facial Recognition (FR): Allows guests to use FR to verify their ID. If FR fails, staff may be called to verify ID. 

    • ID Staff Verification Only (No Scan): No ID upload; staff verifies ID

  • Admin may force scanning of IDs for all guests on a reservation

  • Admin may enable a bell sound for staff verification

Zest Station—ID Collection (iPad Only)


Zest Station handles ID Collection via iPad. To enable: 

  • Zest Station > ID Collection > Admin Configuration.


The following will apply when ID collection is active:

  1. After the credit card collection, a popup will appear indicating that the guest needs to scan ID to proceed with check-in

  2. The guest is then directed to present ID to the rear webcam

  3. After the front scan has been performed, and an ID Card is detected, the guest will be prompted to scan the back of the card

  4. Once scanning is completed, the extracted data is displayed with the image of the photo ID

  5. The guest may now “accept” or “rescan” the captured ID and extracted information. If the guest selects “rescan,” steps 2-4 should be repeated

  6. Once completed, the ID image and information will be visible in the ID module on the stay card; ID type and number are populated in the guest card fields

Zest Station—ID Collection—Facial Recognition

Once enabled in Zest Station, Facial Recognition is used to verify the scanned photo ID and will proceed as follows:

  1. After ID scanning is completed, the guest will be prompted to take a headshot using the front facing camera. The guest will then click the “Continue” button to see an image preview on screen.

  2. After the image has been taken, its biometric information will be compared with the photo of the scanned ID
  3. If the match is successful, and all required guest IDs have been successfully validated and verified, the guest can proceed to key pick-up
  4. If the match is not successful, the guest will see a notification that their ID image did not match. The guest may retake an image or call a staff member for assistance.
  5. To retake an image, the guest will repeat steps 1-3
  6. When staff is contacted, Facial Recognition may be bypassed. Instead, staff are required to verify the image ID.

Zest Web—ID Collection—Admin Configuration


Admin can now enable and configure ID Collection for Zest Web.

  • To enable: 

    • Settings > Hotel & Staff > ID Collection > Zest Web

  • When the toggle is enabled, a “Mandatory” toggle becomes visible. When set to mandatory, guests may only proceed with check-in if all required ID scans have been completed. When ID collection is not set to mandatory, the guest will be prompted to scan their ID; however, they may bypass this step and complete pre-check-in. The missing ID scans are then performed in a second step at the hotel.

  • Zest Web does not yet support Facial Recognition, but the configuration is already present. Admin will soon have the ability to enable “Facial Recognition” as part of the Zest Web check-in flow. Details will be released at that time.

  • Admin may also force a “Scan All Guests” option by setting the toggle to YES (default NO [inactive])

Zest Web—ID Collection—Check-in

After scanning photo ID in Zest Web, guests can complete check-in via mobile device. There are two scenarios:

1. Zest Web Flow with ID Scan: Optional (Mandatory Toggle is Inactive)

Before the end of check-in flow, before the user gets the check-in confirmation screen, the guest may opt to scan their ID using their mobile device.

  • Guests will receive a message that reads, “Skip the long lines and upload a picture of your state-issued ID! Remember, if you opt out now, you will still be required to submit it to staff before you can check in.”

  • If the guest opts no:

    • They will be taken to the check-in confirmation page

    • In the staff check-in notification email, staff will be notified that the ID was not submitted

2. Zest Web Flow with ID Scan: Mandatory (Mandatory Toggle is Active)

On the ID collection screen in Zest Web, the guest will proceed as follows:

  1. On tapping the upload button, the rear camera is enabled, and the guest will see a preview where the ID should be placed

  2. On tapping the take photo button, an image of the ID will be taken and processed

  3. If the photo ID is detected, the guest will be prompted to scan the back of the card

  4. The screen will then display the images and the extracted data and prompt the guest to accept or restart the ID scanning process
  5. If information is missing or incorrect, the guest will be asked to rescan or contact the front desk. Depending on the settings, the guest may proceed with pre-check-in.
  6. The image of the ID and extracted data are visible in the ID module on the stay card
  7. Passport type and number will be populated in the fields of the guest card
  8. If the guest opts to retake, steps 1-5 should be repeated
  9. If ID cannot be validated or is not a match, and the guest opts to continue with the pre-check-in process, the confirmation page will include a message to see staff upon arrival at the property
  10. If all IDs required for check-in are valid and verified, the guest may proceed with check-in flow as per other configuration (pre-check-in or complete check-in)

PMS—Zest Web—Check-in Completed Upon ID Verification

Upon ID verification, guests can now complete check-in upon ID verification. There are two potential scenarios for this:

  1. If at least one ID is not successfully verified, place stay card in pre-check-in

  2. If ID collection is successful, proceed with check-in flow




Additional Languages: Guest-Facing Stationery 

We’ve introduced 5 new languages as options when printing/emailing certain guest-facing materials.

  • Languages include Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Icelandic

  • You can select a language with the Guest Language dropdown menu for the following: reservation confirmation email, guest bill, company card invoice, travel agent card invoice, bill proforma invoice, and account bill

  • By default, the language defined on the Guest Card will display for selection. If no preferred language has been defined for the guest, the hotel's primary language will display.

  • Learn more here

Improved Pagination

We’ve introduced page numbers to the bottom of the following:

  • Stay Card > Activity Log

  • Allotment > Reservation List

  • Allotment > Search List

  • Group > Rooming List

  • Group > Search List

  • Housekeeping > Housekeeping Log Tab

Guest Cards

We’ve enhanced this ability to remove guest cards (overlay), and we’ve also added the ability to remove guest details.

To enable:

  • Open a checked-out reservation

  • Open guest card section

  • The top right portion of the stay card will show a “manage card” button

  • Click the “manage card/remove” button

  • Please note, the first name and last name will be replaced with the original first character of names, and the remaining characters will be an asterisk
  • We have also preserved the nationality and country details only. If the user has current or future reservations or a hotel loyalty program attached to the reservation, you will not be able to remove the details.

Inactive User Filter

Administrators now have the ability to view any and all inactive users and separate them from active users.

To enable: 

  • Settings > Hotel & Staff > User Setup > Click “Hide all inactive users” (only show active users)


Create Guest Data Report (Print from Guest Card)

  • This serves the right for a guest to retrieve any data from the hotel

  • To enable: 

    • Front Desk > Guest > Search for Guest > Manage Card

GDPR—Automated Removal of Guest Data

Guest cards can now be anonymized using an automated process that automatically removes guest data after a defined amount of days since their last check-out. The default number of days since last check-out is 366.

  • The number of days is configurable in Settings > Guest Cards > Data Removal

Guest data is only removed for guest cards that do not have any of the following:

  • A current or future stay

  • An unpaid A/R invoice

  • An unpaid commission payment

  • A past reservation

  • A past stay where the check-out date is lesser than the number of days configured for data removal

Country Requirements

You will now be able to make guest(s) demographics, such as country and/or nationality, a requirement at check-in.

Based on the setting specified, if the reservation profile lacks either the nationality or country data, you will not be able to proceed with checking in a guest.

To enable: 

  • Settings > Reservations > Reservation Settings > Check the boxes “Force nationality at check in” and/or “Force country at check in”

Country Requirement: Invoice Number Print

This functionality allows you to choose not to print the invoice number on the guest bills if the hotel has folio number activated. 

Country Requirement: Folio Number Print 

This functionality allows you to print only the folio number on the guest bill at the time of check-out if you are using the folio number functionality.


Contract—Add Rate Code Field with Validation That It Cannot Be Duplicated

To enable: 

  • Revenue Management > Company & TA Cards 

  • Find the desired card

  • Proceed to contracts tab

  • You may add a new contract. You will have the option to rename the rate name but NOT the rate code.

Activity Log for Company/TA Cards   


We have implemented an activity log for Company/TA cards.

Please note, the activity log currently includes Rover originating changes—we are still working on the recording of the updates from our various external vendors.

  • While searching through the activity logs, you can set search parameters by date range and a particular action to narrow down the results

Global Labels for TA & Company Cards

While searching for a TA or Company Card, the global label “GL” will now appear when results populate, versus clicking into details of the card. A blue “GL” notification will appear on the TA or Company Card icon.

Company/TA Card Statistics

  • Statistics are also available in the Company and Travel Agent Cards

  • More card management functionality is coming soon

Guest Cards—Activity Logs

We have now added the ability to track activity while adding and modifying information to the guest card.

  • To enable: 

    • Retrieve a guest reservation > Proceed to guest card > Make the desired changes > Check activity log for any updated information

Guest Card Statistics

We have added a new statistics tab on the guest profile card. This informative new tab shows valuable information, such as guest stay information, including revenue spent, number of stays, and cancellations and no-shows that the guest may have incurred.

To enable: 

  • Proceed to a Guest Reservation > Guest Card > Statistics

  • The statistics page will automatically default to a summary page; however, you will be able to view more details (detailed data by month and year) by selecting the details tab


Reinstate No-Show/Canceled Group Reservations

This allows the ability to reinstate no-show or canceled group/allotment reservations. If a group or allotment no-show reservation is reinstated, be sure to update group/allotment & blocked/picked up count accordingly. No-show reservations will return to the current business date.

Repeat Guest Indicator

This feature will show a repeat guest indicator on a guest card for all guests that have at least one prior night stay. This indicator can be found in several places within Rover:

  • Dashboard Find Reservations screen

  • Stay Card (Guest Details section)

  • Room Status screen where the room is occupied

  • Guest tab of Room Detail screen where the room is occupied

  • An in-house guest report, as well as Arrival & Departure reports

Check-in/Collect Demographics

In addition, as long as the demographics settings are “checked” in Rover Settings, Rover will display the Demographics Missing pop-up during the check-in process if the data was not already present on the reservation during check-in.


  • When a Rover user selects the check-in button on the stay card, Rover will verify if the collect demographics setting is selected and force the user to enter any missing data

  • Once the data is entered, the user can proceed with check-in as usual

  • Note the Save & Continue button is grayed out until data is entered

  • If any demographics are changed/updated during this process, the information will be recorded in the Stay Card’s Activity Log

Ability to Edit and Delete Actions

It is now possible to edit the details or delete an existing action, so long as the user has administrative permissions.

Registration Card Contact Information

The registration card now has the ability to display contact information, which includes address, city, state, country, phone number (home and mobile), and email address.

Availability Calendar—Clickable Rooms

We have enabled the ability to click on available rooms within the availability calendar. When clicking on an available room, you will also be able to create a reservation for that available room and the chosen date.      


To enable: 

  • Availability Calendar toggle > Open the green “Available Rooms” field > Click on the room type with the available room for the desired date

  • Once you choose the available room type for the selected date, you will be prompted to make a reservation for that room type on the date selected

Sequence Room Types

Rover will now organize room types in your desired order. You will be able to place room types in the desired sequence by drag and drop. Once room types are in sequential order, the order results will always populate as such in the following main Rover windows: Rate Manager, Availability Screen, and the Room Type selection screen when making a reservation.

  • Room Types in desired sequence

  • Availability Screen

  • Rate Manager

  • Once the room type sequence is set, and a user goes into admin to sort by ROOM TYPE ascending or descending order, this will rearrange the order in the application

  • This is not applicable to ROOM CODE sort, only room types

ID Upload

Staff will now be able to upload passports of guest(s) to retrieve guest details and demographics.

To enable: 

  • Retrieve Reservation > Click on Guest Number Tag > Guest ID > Upload Image

  • As long as the Front Desk staff has scan data with a format of .jpg or .png, they will be able to upload the data

  • Please note, images should not exceed 10mb

Split Charge Billing

When routing charges from a guest to another guest, group, or company, we have allowed the functionality to split charges.

  • Routing can only be split by 50% between the primary guest and accompanying guest to any available bill window

  • The split charge option will only apply to charges on Bill 1

  • Split charges will be effective from the day they are applied going forward

  • Additional enhancements will be implemented in the upcoming releases where you can split charges for already posted charges

Room Diary

We have added an option to sort hourly room data by room number.

  • This feature will alleviate why some dirty rooms are displayed at the bottom of the diary, instead of remaining in an order list by room number

  • To enable: 

    • Front Desk > Room Diary

Check Out: Option to Print Folio on Check-Out Message   


We have enabled an option for users to print $0 balance folios during the check-out process versus having to re-enter into bill and charges to print a bill with a $0 balance.

To enable: 

  • Guest Reservation > Bill & Charges > Check Out the Reservation > Invoice > Select Bill Layout > Print or Email Folio

Auto Charge Deposits

We have added the ability for hotels to auto charge deposits for guest(s) with deposits required. This will only be applicable for reservations that have a credit card attached.

To enable: 

  • Settings > Hotel and Staff > Settings and Parameters > Auto Charge Deposit

  • When auto charge is toggled ON, Rover will automatically process the deposit during the EOD to be posted on the due date, the card on file will be auto charged

Auto Charge Screen 

The auto charge deposit screen will show all reservations that have been charged. The report also breaks down if charges are approved or declined.

To enable: 

  • Financials > Auto Charge

  • The date of the report will always default to the current hotel date. Modifying the date parameter, you will only be able to search for a date prior to the current hotel date. Future date search on the report is not allowed.

Option to Show Tax Breakdown on the Guest Confirmation Letter

Hotels are now able to show the total rate in the stationery/confirmation letters with or without the tax breakdown.

To enable:

  • Settings > Hotel and Staff > Stationery > Confirmation/Cancellation > Guest Confirmation > Confirmation Email

  • Check the “Show Tax Breakdown” checkbox under the “Display Total Cost” area

This will show a sum of inclusive and exclusive taxes in the confirmation letter.

Tax Exempt (Adding New, Edit, and Delete)

To enable: 

  • Settings > Navigate to Financials > Tax Exempt Types > Create a new Tax Exempt tab

  • The name of the Tax Exempt Type has to be unique

  • Tax Charge Codes multiselect; the same charge code can be used across multiple tax exempt types

  • Save

Tax Exempt Functionality—Groups

To enable:

  • Navigate to create a new Group > Summary > Section Room Block Summary
  • Select Tax Exempt checkbox/toggle

  • When selected, you will also automatically see the tax exempt ID dropdown. Select the tax exempt type as a mandatory field.

  • Once the tax exempt is selected, all reservations associated with the group will have the tax exempt checkbox/toggle and the tax exempt type populated

Tax Exempt Functionality for Tax Exclusive—Stay Card

We have implemented tax exempt functionality for guest bills that are indicated on the stay card.

To enable:

  1. Navigate to a reservation > Expand Additional Details > Select Tax Exempt checkbox/toggle

  2. When selected, you will also automatically see the tax exempt ID dropdown

  3. The tax exempt toggle will show for all reservation types (due-in/in-house/checked out/reserved/etc.)
  4. Select tax exempt, and select the associated tax exempt type

  5. All charge codes associated with the tax exempt type will not post

  6. The system should check if there are any charges already posted for that reservation (charges not payments)

  7. If existing charges exist, the display message “Please review already posted charges for possible exemption” will appear

  8. The users will manually need to review the charges and make necessary adjustments to the posted taxes

  9. Should a user turn OFF the tax exempt toggle on a stay card, check if charges have been posted, and if yes, the display message “Please review already posted charges as tax may have not been posted” will appear

  10. Once the toggle is OFF, charges will post with their respective taxes

Tax Exempt Report

To improve our reporting for accounting teams, we have a few fields in the Tax Exempt Report.


  • VAT; by default, this will not be selected showing the net room revenue amounts on the report. When selected, the users will see the room revenue amount in gross amount.

  • Tax exempt types: All are selected by default. Users can select single or multiple tax exempt types they wish to view only.

  • Report layout has additional fields:

    • Tax exempt comments will be placed under the Reservation arrival/departure dates

    • Tax exempt type will be shown per day should tax exempt types differ during a guest stay

    • Departure date is also shown as a separate line with no rate; users can add a tax exempt type on a guest’s departure date

Tax Exempt: Default Tax Type Checkbox in Admin

Please note, we have a tax exempt report to which we are currently making changes for more efficient usage.

To enable: 

  • Settings > Financials > Tax Exempt

The “Default Tax Exempt Type” box will be listed under the tax exempt name.

  • Once a default tax is selected, this will pre-populate on stay card or group when tax exempt is selected

  • Only one tax exempt type can be a default

Reference Field on Tax Exempt Report

We have added an optional reference field on the stay card (next to tax exempt).

  • The reference field is also available on the summary/profile of a group

  • Please note, tax exempt MUST be turned ON for the group or reservation for the reference field to show


Rate Sync Utility

This will allow a property to resync rates if something is out of balance (it only syncs from rate build to rate manager).

What will be synced: Rates, Restrictions, and Overrides.

To enable:

  • Settings > Hotel & Staff > Tools > Rate Sync

  • When we do search for the rate to be synced, we will not see ALL rates. Once you start searching for one, the matching names will display (3 characters), and then select one rate to sync.

Activity Log Entry for Rate Resync

Previously, we introduced the resync utility for rates. We have now added the ability to track the logs when rates are being resynced.

  • To enable: 

    • Settings > Rates > Select Desired Rate > Rate Details > Sync Rate

  • Once the rate is synced, you will see the action in the activity log of that selected rate

  • You will also be able to narrow the results by searching a date range in the filter

Rate Codes & Rate Names

We’ve enhanced the ability to search for rates by rate codes.

To enable:

  • Settings > Rates

  • You may enter the rate code in the search field, and the associated rate will generate

“Do Not Print Rate” Enhancement 

  • When “Do Not Print Rate” is selected on a guest stay card, the rate will not print on the guest registration card

  • Now, in addition to the above being true, when a company pays the guest’s deposit, the rate amount will not print either (see sample invoice below)

Hide Inactive Rates    


Under the “Status” column, you can currently toggle rates to active or inactive. We have changed the behavior a little by adding a “Show inactive rates” checkbox.

To enable: 

  • Settings > Rates

  • By default, all the inactive/expired rates will be hidden from the rate setup screen, and if the user wishes to view inactive rates to either activate them or review them, they will select “Show inactive rates” to view all rates


Show Reference on Guest Invoice

The setting “Show Reference on Guest Invoice” can be selected or left unselected on the guest invoice.


  • If unselected, the reference field will not appear on the guest invoice (e.g., Tea/Beverage)

  • If selected, the reference field will appear on the guest invoice (e.g., Newspaper/Magazine)

  • The reference field will always print on internal reports

  • Payment references will always print on internal reports and guest invoices

Invoice Search w/ Guest Search

We’ve enhanced the ability to search for invoices.

To enable:

  • Financials > Invoice Search

  • This will give you the ability to search by invoice number, guest name, account name, or balance amount

New Invoice Search

We have implemented a new invoice search for folio numbers within the invoice search screen.

To enable: 

  • Financials > Invoice Search

  • Once results are populated, you will see the company, TA, or guest profile name, along with the invoice number and current balance

New Invoice Search with Accounts

We’ve enhanced the ability to search by accounts from invoice search screens.

To enable:

  • Financials > Invoice Search

  • Enter the account name (when the desired account populates, the invoice number will also appear on the right side of search results)

Billing Information to Show Company/Travel Agent Cards with A/R Numbers (Checkbox)


Users can now enable an “A/R Accounts Only” checkbox within Company/Travel Agent cards. To enable:

  • Log into PMS

  • Navigate to Stay Card > Bill & Charges > Billing Information

  • Select Accounts & Cards

  • Enable the checkbox “A/R Accounts Only” within the Billing Information and Card Search screens

  • The result will only display cards with an existing A/R number; posting accounts will not be displayed



  • Display cards with an A/R number under Billing Information or Card Search

Billing: Split Backdate Charges in a Reservation and Add to Journal

We have added a feature in the guest bill and account that allows users to split charges in a reservation from the current business date or have them split from a reservation check-in. This will also be reflected in the journal. Split charge behavior is explained below:

Scenario 1:

No routing exists. The user can now add new routing (for accompanying guests on an accommodation), backdate charges, and select to split the bill by 50%. 

Below is an example reservation:

  • Arrival date of November 1 

  • Departure date of November 5

  • 1 primary guest and 1 accompanying guest

  • No routing

On November 3, the guest decides to split charges. Split routing is added, which should backdate to November 1, so that all charges are split. In the event we add a split charge on November 3 for accommodation only, the backdate split would be completed. However, if the user realizes this was not correct, and the backdate should be for all charges, they can remove the split charge billing instruction and add a new one. By removing and adding a new one, the backdate split will recalculate to November 1 based on the new charge codes.

To enable: 

  • Navigate to Stay Card > Add a second guest > Name accompanying guest > Select “Bill & Charges” > Select “Add Charge” (can add any charge) > Select “Billing Information” > Select “Add Routes” > Add the accompanying guest as a route > Check “Split All Charges by 50%” > Under “Charge Codes,” select the appropriate code > Click “Save Route”

Scenario 2:

Routing for accommodation exists within bill #2 for the accompanying guest and has already been posted in full for three nights. The user can edit routing and select to split the bill by 50%. Routing will continue but will be split 50% going forward.

Below is another example reservation:

  • Arrival date of November 1 

  • Departure date of November 5

  • 1 primary guest and 1 accompanying guest

  • Routing for bill #2 exists

If the guest decides to split charges on November 3, there are two possibilities:

  • The user can add a split charge to existing routing or update the routing; however, this will only be effective from the current business date.

  • The user can remove existing billing instructions and add new instructions. By removing and adding a new one, the backdate split will recalculate to November 1 based on the new billing instructions.

Please note, the name of the accompanying guest will appear in the journal in the reference line. 


MLI—Differentiate Among EMV, Swipe, and RFID Payments in the Activity Log

When payment is obtained, we need to be able to update the activity log with the exact method in which the CC was entered, whether via Swipe, EMV, or RFID.

  • If the card is swiped, then log the action as “SWIPED”

  • If the card is inserted, then log the action as “CHIP”

  • If the card is tapped, then log the action as “TAP”

  • If the card was entered manually on the terminal, then log the action as “MANUAL”

Multiple CC Authorization Request—Queue Guest(s)

This feature limits the number of times in which Rover attempts to auto check in a guest if the credit card declines.

  • For reservations, if auto check-in fails because the CC authorization is declined, the reservation will be disabled for auto check-in after the first attempt of authorization

  • If the card is updated, the block to allow auto check-in will be removed, allowing the guest to proceed

  • Log results will also appear on the reservation with the failed attempt to authorize the guest card


Group & Allotment/Collect Demographics

Rover PMS will enforce demographic collection when creating new groups and allotments if Force Market, Force Source, Force Origin, Force Segment is selected (i.e., enabled/ON).

  • This setting is located under Settings > Reservations > Reservation Settings


  • When saving a new group or allotment (and if the collect demographics setting is ON), Rover PMS will display a demographics popup, indicating which of the fields are missing data. This will force the user to enter the missing information (see screenshot below).

  • Once the data is entered, the Rover-user can proceed with saving the group/allotment

  • Note the Save & Continue button is grayed out until data is entered

  • Demographics need to be recorded in the Group Activity Log

Enable Suites & Group Blocks

Group blocks can now be configured to include suite/component rooms.

  • Watch our latest video or read our how-to guide here

Borrow Functionality for Allotments

We have created a borrow functionality for allotments.

  • When trying to assign a room to an allotment reservation and no room type availability exists, the user will be offered alternative/upgrade room types as per current functionality. If the selected room type is not part of the allotment blocked rooms, the message “Selected Room Type is not part of the Group Room Block” will show.

  • Options: “Borrow from Room type (x) <newly selected room type>” or “Cancel”

  • When the user selects cancel, they will be returned to the previous screen with no action taken

  • When the user selects “Borrow,” the newly selected room type will be assigned to the reservation, and it will be taken out of the hotel's availability count; however, the rate will not be updated

  • Once a rate is configured for the room type, either in actual rate or custom rate, the grid for this room type should be editable. The user will then be allowed to add additional rooms to this room type.

  • Reservations that have been moved to this room type will keep the rate that they had from the initial room type

  • Newly added reservations will have the rate that is configured for this room type


Commissions (1 of 2)

  • Updating TA after commission calculation

  • User is now able to add/remove the TA and associated commissions during and after check-out. If EOD has already occurred, staff will need to manually calculate the commissions. If the reservation is in-house or the EOD has not run for departure reservations, the system will calculate the commissions.

  • Travel Agent association cannot be removed from a reservation with a status that is “paid/hold”

Commissions (2 of 2)

We have changed the name of this report from “Commission” to “Commission Payment Report.”

We have also added the functionality to show guest information on the commission report when selecting the print option.

  • To enable: 

    • Financials > Commission > Select the Commission > Print

Commissions—Ability to Change on Stay Card     


We have now added the ability to add or modify commissions on a guest stay card.

  • Please note, the commission settings will need to be adjusted on the stay card prior to the guest checking out. Activity will also be logged as commissions are changed.

Commission Values on Stay Card

Staff can now toggle on the commission value for an in-house or due-in reservation. While the commission amount can be entered manually, the post types are selected from a dropdown; the options are %, $ per night, and $ per stay.

Commissions on Group & Allotment Tab

  • When a travel agent is attached to a Group/Allotment, you will now be able to enable commissions

  • When the group commission is turned ON, the default value will be set to the same value of the commission set in the group rate configuration

  • Any commissions set in the group will apply to all reservations within the group rooming list

  • Although commission will be applied to all reservations within the group, you will be able to manually toggle ON/OFF commissions within a single reservation of the group

Commission Processing Pages Now Show Total and Commissionable Revenues in Separate Columns


This update completes a previous development where the single revenue column of the page was changed to show the more useful commissionable revenue rather than the total revenue. A second column has been added, making both pieces of information now available to the user. This can be accessed in Financials > Commissions.

Printing Travel Agent Commission Report

This feature is an enhancement to the current print layout where we are now showing the reservation details and the commissions amount per reservation.

To enable:

  • Reports > Search for Travel Agent Commissions report

  • Set parameters and show results

  • The print icon will appear in the top right corner

Emailing Payment Report

  • You also now have the option of emailing a commissions payment report

  • In the commissions report, when you select export, the option to email will appear


A/R Summary

The A/R Summary screen will now show balance payments.

This will show payments, credits, and open balance (showing unpaid invoice balances).

To enable:       

  • Settings > Financials > Accounts Receivables

A/R Summary Report

We have added new fields to populate data for open balances, credits, and balances in A/R Summary Report.

This will also allow you to sort with the fields above.

  • To enable: 

    • Reports > New Report > Select A/R Summary Report > Sort by Preference > Show

  • Once the report is generated, you will see the results with the preferred sort column listed on top of the report

A/R Invoice: Move Zero to Paid 

Zero balances can now be moved to the PAID tab.

To enable:

  • Retrieve the Company or Travel Agent Card

  • Select the A/R Transactions tab

  • Locate a reservation with a balance of $0.00 from the BALANCE tab

  • Select the “Move Zero Balance to Paid” button

  • The invoice then moves to the PAID Tab



  • Users can now create housekeeping “sections” in Rover

  • Users can create, edit, and remove sections

  • Once a section is created, users can assign rooms to housekeeping sections

  • Users can assign housekeeping sections to employees (essentially assigning employees to certain wings/floors/sections of the property)

  • Only tasks for rooms that match the employee's assigned section will be automatically assigned to the employee (when using the Work Management setting Section & Time)

  • Any leftover/unassigned tasks that cannot be assigned based on the Sections & Time setting will remain in the unassigned column

OOO/OOS Rooms Back to “In Service” by Date Range

Users will now be able to set rooms service status for a particular date range for a single room.

To enable:

  • Settings > Housekeeping > Room Status

  • Select the desired room > click on the “room” tab in the top right corner

  • When “In Service” is selected from the dropdown, a date range can now be selected to set the room back to “In Service” without navigating to the Out of Order or Out of Service status first

  • Select “In Service” from the dropdown

  • Choose a date range to set the room back into service for those dates

  • Click “Update” to set the room back to “In Service” for the selected date range

Bulk Service Status Update

Users will now be able to select a date range to set multiple rooms back to “In Service” status by setting a date range when “In Service” is selected.

To enable:

  • Settings > Housekeeping > Room Status > Select multiple rooms by clicking the square box to the right of each room

  • Once selecting the desired rooms, proceed to select the purple edit pencil on the top right of the screen

  • Select “Service Status”

  • When “In Service” is selected from the dropdown, a date range can now be selected to set multiple rooms back to “In Service” for a date range without navigating to the Out of Order or Out of Service status first

  • Select “In Service” from the dropdown

  • Choose a date range to set the room back into service for those dates

  • Click “Update” to set the rooms back to “In Service” for the selected date range

Work Management Settings

  • Rover will auto-assign housekeeping tasks either by Employee or Section & Time

  • By default, Rover will be set to separate housekeeping tasks by Employee, but users have the option to configure (and use) the Section & Time setting. Learn more here.

Employee/Shift Management

  • Assign “shifts” to an employee from Settings > Hotel & Staff > User Setup > Working Shift 

  • You can add shifts to suit the needs of your property’s labor management process (system defined shifts cannot be changed). When not working (“off the clock”), the employee’s shift will default to 0:00.

  • The Housekeeping > Task Management screen displays the employee’s work shift hours

  • Under Settings > Rooms > Task Management, locate the “Employee Working Shift”. Learn more about configuring shifts here.



Yearly tax report—You can now print and export to CSV format. 

Printing the Yearly Tax Report

  • Go to Reports

  • Search for “Yearly Tax Reports”

  • Select desired year, and be sure to check boxes for Cards w/ Tax ID & Cards w/o Tax ID

  • After selecting “SHOW,” your report will appear with the option to print

  • Previews of the report are also available prior to confirming the final print option

Exporting the Yearly Tax Report

To enable:

  • Go to Reports

  • Scheduled Reports

  • Click “Schedule a Report" and search for Yearly Tax Report

  • Select “Yearly Tax Report”

  • Add email recipient and set parameters based on preference and proceed to create the schedule

Exporting Journals to CSV

You can now export current journals into CSV.

To enable:

  • Go to Reports

  • Select Scheduled Exports

  • Click Schedule an Export

  • Select Journal Export

  • Add email recipient and set parameters based on preference and proceed to create the schedule.

Interactive Reports

This will allow you to navigate to a guest stay card and back to the report list from Arrival, Departure, Reservations by User (and other reports that allow navigating to stay card).

To enable:

  • Reports > Search for the desired report that will navigate to stay card (Arrival, Departure, Reservations by Users…and other reports that allow navigating to stay card).

  • Set parameters > Show Report

  • Select guest—Once in the stay card, you will have the ability to go back to the report list

Rover Exports

Past Reservations—Monthly

  • We renamed the Last Month Reservations export to the Past Reservations—Monthly export

  • There are additional time period parameters for the export, including the following:

    • The ability to select All, Last Month, or a specific month from the time period dropdown menu. With the ALL parameter, the export will include all past dates, excluding the current business date.

    • The option to set the export to roll back 12 months on a per month basis

    • Learn more about scheduled exports in our overview video here

Showing In-House Guests Without Nationality Filled In

In order to not have too many undefined entries in the nationality reports required in some countries, reservations for guests with no nationality on the guest card need to be easily identifiable so users can add the nationality. To achieve this, add a filter to In-House report to show reservations with guests with no nationality only.

To enable:

  • Reports > Search for In-House Guest Reports

  • In search parameters, be sure to select “NO NATIONALITY”

Add Deposit and A/R Summary to the EOD Report

Users are able to send the accounts receivable and deposit summary with the EOD report process in CSV.


Support for Exclusive Add-ons for GMS 

StayNTouch now shares the full price of a reservation, including any add-ons (exclusive or inclusive), so the CRM has a true reflection of reservation pricing.

Sending Add-on Information to iHotelier When Reservation is Modified

StayNTouch will now share full price information with the CRS.

Terms & Conditions

This will include adding an activity log whenever a user accepts the terms and conditions during check-in, in Rover, Zest Station, and Zest Web.

QuickText Interface

We have added API configuration to allow for integration with QuickText. Hotels must have a QuickText account to activate and interface with Rover PMS.

To enable:

  • Settings > Concierge > QuickText

  • Once the interface is active, you will be able to access the interface by going to Actions > QuickText

  • When using the QuickText option under the “Action” menu, you will be taken to the QuickText screen, which will allow you to compose new text and view messages on the Rover platform

  • QuickText also supports international numbers


SiteMinder integration now supports the transfer of booking source into Rover. Sources will automatically populate versus entering sources manually.

LightSpeed—House Account Transactions

You now have the option to add payment mappings in the Lightspeed POS configuration. You will have a dropdown menu of all previous posting accounts created.

  • Once you select the posting account for NON ROOM charges, you will map to payment types such as cash, credit card, check, etc.

Lightspeed Tips and Total Payment

An item related to Lightspeed batch transactions to clearing accounts has been addressed. Previously, when a tip was included, the total check value was not posted in Rover. The corresponding transaction on the journal in Rover showed the payment amount (minus the tip); however, on the Front Desk Account, the same transaction did reflect the tip. This has been addressed with a new feature in Rover. This feature implements a corresponding payment (credit) for all tips and ensures that the difference between credit and debit is always zero.

Saflok Setting

  • Rover can now handle suite door key encoding (for use with the Saflok key integration only). Details here.

Key Creation for Common Areas—Saflok Keys ONLY

If you are using Saflok as a key vendor, you will now have access to create keys for common room areas.

To enable: 

  • Settings > Interfaces > Door Lock Interface > Direct Interfaces > You will find the option to toggle ON access to Common Areas at the bottom of the Door Lock/Direct Interfaces page

  • When the common area toggle is enabled, you will have the option to enter pass level numbers; separated by (;). This is where you will enter common areas to grant access.


Zest Station

We have now added the option for hotels to prohibit cash paying reservations from going through the check-in flow on Zest Stations.

To enable: 

  • Settings > Station > Check-in > Only Allow CC Guaranteed Reservations

  • The setting should be toggled OFF by default. If the toggle is OFF, cash reservations will be allowed to go through the check-in flow. 

Zest Station Flow

When “Only Allow CC Guaranteed Reservations” is toggled ON after the guest enters information to find reservation:

  • If only one reservation is found, show screen to contact a staff member

  • If multiple reservations are found after selecting the correct reservation, show screen to contact a staff member

Zest Station—Check-in—Showing the Last 4 Digits of the CC

During the check-in flow on Zest Station, if there is a CC number already attached to the reservation, it will now show the last 4 digits of the card on the reservation details page in the bottom left corner; this will be the same as checking out.

Zest Station: Last 4 Digits of CC Required During Key Pick-up

For guest security, we have implemented an additional verification for key pick-up at Zest Station.

  • When requesting a key at Zest Station, guests will be prompted to enter the last 4 digits of their CC number

  • To enable: 

    • Settings > Zest Station > Pick Up Keys > Enable Toggle Labeled “Authenticate Credit Card”

  • Toggle should be disabled by default

  • When the “CC authentication” toggle is enabled, it will show the third page in the verification process for key pick-up. Flow should therefore be Last Name > Room Number > Enter last 4 digits of the CC used to book the reservation.

  • When the last 4 digits of the CC on file are entered, the system should do the following checks:

    • The last name and room number on the reservation should match

    • The reservation should be checked in

    • The CC numbers should match

Scenario 1

  • The guest enters the last 4 digits of the CC on file correctly

  • If verification is successful, proceed with the key pick-up flow

Scenario 2

  • If the guest(s) enters the CC on file and verification is unsuccessful, the station will prompt the guest to re-enter the CC details

  • After each unsuccessful attempt, a message will appear for the guest(s) to re-enter the last 4 digits or see the hotel staff

Scenario 3:

  • If the reservation does not have an associated CC, after entering last name and room number, the third verification will state “It appears there is no credit card on file for this reservation. Please see a member of our staff to assist you.”

Zest Station—Applying Loyalty Membership to Reservation During Check-in  


During the check-in process, we have added the option for guest(s) to:

  • Select a new hotel loyalty membership from the loyalty programs

  • Select from their existing memberships saved to their guest card

The following Admin Settings must be configured: Settings > Station > Check-in > Add Loyalty Programs.

  • To add a new membership or to update membership:

    • Select loyalty program, the type, and level (if applicable), then enter loyalty code

    • Once saved, data will also be saved to Rover on the guest card

    • Logs will also be available to show that loyalty program, type, level, and number were updated via Zest Station

Ability to Collect Guest Address and Other Information in Zest Station

Hoteliers will now be able to add guest address details in Zest Station, just as in Zest Web.

To enable:

  • Settings > Station > Check-In

  • Toggle “Collect Guest Address” ON

Once toggled ON, guests will be able to add their address to the reservation details during check-in via the kiosk.

Zest Add-ons: Email Notification for Purchased Add-ons

We have added a feature that allows any hotel staff whose email address is on the notification list to receive emails when a guest has purchased an add-on via Zest Station or Zest Web during the pre-check-in or check-in process. This will allow a member of the hotel team to promptly follow up on the request.

To enable: 

  • Settings > Promos & Upsells > Upsell Add-ons


  • When the toggle is enabled, a text box will be displayed allowing you to enter email addresses that will receive the email notifications

  • The add-on email notification will be triggered to the listed email addresses when the following are true:

    • Pre-Check-in/Check-in using Zest Web/Zest Station is enabled

    • A guest purchases an add-on via Zest Web/Zest Station

Guest Search

Ability to search for room number without prepending the leading “0”s.

  • You will now be able to search for room numbers that have leading “0”s without having to prepend the “0.” For example, if the guest is assigned room number 006, they should be able to search for 006 and 6.

  • This search works for Zest Web (check-out), direct URL (check-out), and Zest Station (key creation and check-out)

Digital Alchemy & Revinate CRM

With Digital Alchemy & Revinate Integrations, we now exchange inclusive and exclusive add-ons along with the guest birthday information.

Travel Tripper & SiteMinder

For reservations in Rover that are retrieved from TravelTripper and SiteMinder CRS, we have added default fields for reservations that are missing demographics and rate information. Reservations missing rate, room type, origin of booking, or payment method will automatically default to the values selected.

  • To enable: 

    • Settings > Interfaces > Central Reservation System > Choose either SiteMinder or TravelTripper CRS

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