Auto-Assign Housekeeping Tasks

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Auto-Assign Housekeeping Tasks


The auto-assign button from the Work Management page allows users to automatically assign available housekeeping tasks to selected employees. 

To access this button (or locate the Work Management page), navigate from the Sidebar Menu > Housekeeping > Task Management. 

Then select Manage Work Sheets at the bottom of the page

Rover will open the Work Management page (where the Auto Assign button is located).


  1. From the Work Management page, locate the Auto-Assign button under the “Unassigned” column (screenshot above). 

  2. Before you select Auto-Assign, take note of a few optional settings you can use to exercise greater control over task assignment: 

  3. (Optional) Use the Filter Icon to apply certain filter settings before selecting the Auto-Assign button. Settings include:

    • Floor Selection 

    • Front Office Status (vacant, occupied, etc.)

    • Reservation Status (arrival, stayover, due out, etc.)

  1. (Optional) Use the Employees drop down menu to select which employees you want to assigns tasks to.


  1. Lastly, choose the Auto Assign button.

  2. Depending on your property's auto-assign settings, Rover will assign tasks in one of two ways (located under Settings > Rooms > Housekeeping > Auto Assign):

    • Employees: This will split the available tasks equally between the selected employees (default setting). 

    • Section & Time: Rover will take into account the room’s housekeeping section and the employee’s assigned section, to best sort rooms, so employees can more efficiently prepare rooms that are located in close proximity. Rover will also take into account the work time assigned to each employee, and the time configured for each task to complete and limit the amount of automatically assigned tasks to stay within the work time.

  3. If the ratio of room/tasks to employees cannot be evenly split, Rover will “hold” the remaining rooms under the unassigned column.

  4. Any remaining rooms will need to be manually assigned by a Rover-user.  


  • The Auto-Assign setting (mentioned in Step 6 above) needs only to be configured if the property is using the “Section & Time” setting. 
  • By default, Rover will split tasks by “Employee” (this setting is automatically selected for all Standalone properties). 

See setting below:


This step is optional. Only properties that will use the Section & Time setting, need to perform the following steps:

  • Create housekeeping “sections”. 

  • Assign rooms to sections. 

  • Assign sections to your employees.

Create Housekeeping “Sections”

  • From the Sidebar Menu, select Settings >  Rooms > Housekeeping Sections

  • Use the + Add New button to create a section. 

  • Assign the section a Name (max 10 characters) and provide a Description. 

  • The choose Save Changes. 

  • Repeat this step to create as many sections as needed. 

  • Next, choose Manage Rooms.

Assign Rooms to Sections 

  • First, make sure you’re on the correct section you want to manage. 

  • Check the boxes beside the rooms you’d like to assign to the section.

  • Then choose Assign Selected at the bottom of the page. 

  • For each section, you can select the Assigned tab. 

  • This tab will keep an up-to-date list of all the rooms currently assigned to that particular section.  

Note: You can choose to assign a section to an individual room (as detailed below). However, this method is only recommended for updating a single room (it is not ideal/efficient for bulk assignment). 

  • Navigate to Settings > Rooms > Rooms. 
  • Select the room you wish to manage. 
  • Locate the Housekeeping section; select a section from the drop down menu.
  • Save Changes.

Assign Sections to Employees

  • From the Sidebar Menu, select Settings >  Hotel & Staff > User Setup. 

  • Create a new user (with the + Add New button) or select an existing user.

  • Locate the Housekeeping Section.

  • From the dropdown menu, choose to assign a section to the user.

  • Make sure to Save Changes at the bottom of the page. 

Tip: Only those users who have been assigned a User Role of Floor & Maintenance Staff will be eligible for selection from the Work Management page (under Employees). To manage the user role, locate User Roles section for each user from the Hotel & Staff page (Settings > Hotel & Staff > User Roles). 

Example of selecting Employees from the Work Management page:

Auto-Assign Employees: 

  • Now when auto-assigning tasks to housekeeping staff (and configuring your housekeeping sections to certain employees), employees will be assigned rooms based on their section.

  • Just select the Auto-Assign button to allow Rover to move rooms/tasks to the correct employee (verify that the correct employees are selected, filter settings have been applied, etc.). 


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