How to Manage "Work Shifts" in Rover

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 How to Manage "Work Shifts" in Rover

Housekeeping is not only the management of room cleanliness; it also involves overseeing various housekeeper's schedules (including how many hours a person works in a day/per shift). With the “Work Sheets” functionality, you can set up “shifts” for your property, and assign workloads accordingly. 

This functionality specifically impacts the Task Management / Work Management pages in Rover. 

New to the Task Management Module? We recommend watching this video to understand how hours are divided among housekeeping staff. 

Configure “Shifts”

  • In Rover, navigate to Settings > Rooms > Task Management

  • Scroll down to Employee Work Shifts section.

  • Choose + Add Shift.

  • Name your shift.

  • Assign a number (hours/minutes) to a particular shift. 

  • Make sure to Save Changes

Assign “Shifts”

  • While creating users, assign a shift to the user.  

  • User Setup occurs here: Settings > Hotel & Staff > User Setup > Working Shift (this will be a drop down menu). 

  • Rover will use this number to update the value below the employee’s total hours worked on the Work Management page and controls the maximum number of tasks automatically assigned when using Auto Assignment by Sections & Time.

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