Release Notes: Rover PMS (v3.1)

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v3.1)

Effective: 8 November 2017



Now Introducing “Housekeeping Sections”

  • Users can now create housekeeping “sections” in Rover. 

  • Users can create, edit, and remove sections.

  • Once a section is created, users can assign rooms to housekeeping sections.

  • Users can assign housekeeping sections to employees (essentially assigning employees to certain wings/floors/sections of the property).

  • Only tasks for rooms that match employees assigned section will be automatically assigned to the employee (when using the Work Management setting Section & Time).

  • Any leftover/unassigned tasks that cannot be assigned based on the Sections & Time setting will remain in the unassigned column.

Work Management Settings

  • Rover will auto-assign housekeeping tasks either by Employee or Section & Time.
  • By default, Rover will be set to separate housekeeping tasks by Employee, but users have the option to configure (and use) the Section & Time setting. Learn more HERE.

Employee / Shift Management 

  • Assign “shifts” to an employee from Settings > Hotel & Staff > User Setup > Working Shift. 
  • You can add shifts to suit the needs of your property’s labor management process (system defined shifts cannot be changed). When not working (“off the clock”), the employee’s shift will default to 0:00. 
  • The Housekeeping > Task Management screen displays the employee’s work shift hours. 
  • Under Settings > Rooms > Task Management, locate the “Employee Working Shift”. Learn more about configuring shifts HERE



You asked and we delivered. The following feature request was selected from your recommendations to be developed for this release!  

  • Per your request, the demographics assigned to the Group Block (Sidebar Menu > Groups > Manage Groups) will now appear in the Group’s “Account” as well (Sidebar Menu > Front Desk > Accounts). 
  • Group Account demographics will also default to those of the Group Block once added. 



The Future Reservations Export now includes additional fields:

  • Segments
  • Guest’s language (The language will appear as a code. For example, EN is used for English.)


Commission Export: 

  • The Commission's Export now includes the address on the Travel Agent Card. 


Additional Tab: 

  • When viewing a Travel Agent Card (select from the Guest Card), the commission tab is now present.


  • For IFC (and all CRS interfaces) Rover has a new mechanism in place to ensure reservations that get sent without a last name no longer fail when they reach the PMS. 

  • Solution: If a reservation is sent to Rover without a last name, Rover will use the guest’s confirmation number in the place of a last name: DEFAULT LAST NAME FOR xxxxxxx. Additionally, a note appears on the Stay Card recording this feedback (see below). 

  • Occasionally, Rover PMS receives reservations from connected interfaces that list only children/infants and indicate a zero or “null” value for the total number of adults. If the guest count only lists children/infants (with no adults), Rover will no longer fail the reservation. 

  • Solution: Instead, Rover will update this value with a default value of “1”. A note recording this instance is saved on the Stay Card. See below: 

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