Set Up a Custom Rate

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Set Up a Custom Rate for a Group

A Custom Rate is a rate that can be configured for a group booking and exists exclusively for that particular group block. Setting up Custom Rates from the Room Block Details tab is a fast alternative to configuring Group Rates in Settings. However, the Custom Rate’s pricing is static over a given time period and cannot change on a day-to-day basis (like a Group Rate can). 

Consider using a Custom Rate if:

  • You need to quickly configure a rate for a group block.
  • You do NOT need the rate’s daily price to change. For example, if a group booking is set to stay for an entire week, and one of the room types assigned to the block is a Superior King, you could NOT set up the rate to be $200 on Monday, $150 on Tuesday, $100 on Wednesday, etc. The price for that room type would be the same regardless of what day of the week it was. 
  • If you need to configure a charge code with the rate, then you MUST set up a group rate in Rover Settings. Click here to learn more. 

Note: Don’t let the terminology confuse you. Both Custom Rates and the Group Rates are used with group bookings. 


Step 1. Navigate to Group Booking

  • In Rover, select Settings > Group > Manage Groups. 

Step 2. Group Booking Overview

  • To begin configuring your Custom Group Rate, you’ll want to have the basics of your group block setup. 

  • Need directions for setting up a group block? Click here

  • With the group block selected, make sure you are on the Summary tab. 

Step 3. Choose Custom Rate

  • Under the Rate section, choose Custom Rate. 

  • The Custom Rate you create will only apply to this specific group booking.

Step 4. Room & Rates Setup

  • Next, proceed to the Room Block Details tab. 

  • Choose Add Rooms & Rates.

Step 5. Add Rooms & Rates

  • Select a Room Type with the dropdown menu.

    • The BAR price will appear for reference. 

    • Assign a price based on the occupancy (Single, Double, and +1 Adult).

  • You must enter a price for an additional adult. Enter $0.00 if you do not want to charge for additional adults.

  • Select the green “+” button to add a new room types and configure pricing. 

  • You may assign as many room types as you’d like to the group block. 

  • When you’re ready choose Update. 

Step 6. Assign Rooms to the Block

  • Select the Room Block Details tab. 

  • As you add rooms to the Rooming List (enter a value in the total field), those rooms will be available for the group block’s guests. 

  • Click Save.

Step 7. Rooming List

  • Select the Rooming List tab. 

  • You’ll always be able to see how many rooms you have available for a particular room type, with the Room Type dropdown menu located on the Room List tab.


Learn more about managing your group block here or watch our how-to video.

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