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How to Create a Group Block

These instructions will guide you through the Group Block creation process. Once you create a group, you can manage or make changes to the Group from the Manage Groups page. 

Step 1. Select New Groups 

  • From the Menu slide out, select Groups > New Group

Step 2. Enter Group Details
  • From the Summary tab, enter the details for the group's reservation. 
  • There are a couple of key pieces of information you will need to enter before you can select Save Group.

o    Group Name

o    Start Date and End Date

o    Release Date (see how the release date impacts inventory here)

o    Hold Status

o    Choose a Group Rate from the drop down menu (optional) 

Note: Adding a Group Rate will alert Rover to recommend this particular rate during reservation creation. Learn more about this process here

In the group Summary tab, there is a new field called PAYMENT DATE. This is just a PAYMENT DATE field that can print in the ProForma Invoice. It is an information field only and will not initiate a credit card payment. This is the date by when the hotel needs to group to make a payment. By default, it is blank.

Step 3. Select New Groups 

  • From the Room Block Details tab, select Add Rooms & Rates. 

Step 4. Update Room Types 
  • Based on the rooms that were added to the rate during group rate configuration, certain room types will appear beside a green (+) or red (-) button. 
  • Once you are satisfied with the room types, select Update

Step 5. Enter Total Rooms
  • Begin assigning the number of rooms you would like available per day for the group. 
  • The Total space (below the date and occupancy details) indicates the total number of rooms blocked for the group on that particular day. 
  • Scrolling down will reveal additional room types.  
  • When you have the correct number of rooms added, click Save

Please Note: If the date range selected for the group block extends 14 days, users can click the Next 14 Days prompt to the right of the page and view additional dates.


Step 6. Choose the Rooming List  
  • You may begin adding reservations under the Rooming List tab.
  • After specifying the guest's stay over details, click the green Add button. 

Step 7. Include Name on Reservation
  • In the space provided, add the guest's name for the reservation and click Save
  • Select the orange chevron arrows to add up to three accompanying guests. 

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