Groups: Configuring Rates

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How to Configure Group Rates  

Configuring a Group Rate will make the rate easily accessible during creation and management of the group's reservation. Learn how to configure a group rate below.  

Note: This rate configuration is ideal for government, military, and any other tax exempt groups that need a tax exempt charge code associated with the rate. 


Step 1. Navigate to Rate Type Page
  • From the Menu, click Settings > Rates > Rate Type.

Step 2. Create Group Rate 
  • Click + Add New

Step 3. Name Your Rate 
  • Name your Rate Type.
  • Select Group for the Rate Classification. 
  • Click Save Changes

Step 4: Toggle On 
  • Make sure to set the toggle to ON.

Step 5. Navigate to Rates Page 

  • From the Menu tab, select Rates > Rates. 

Step 6. Create New Rate 
  • Click + Add New from the Rates page. 

Step 7. Define Your New Rate 
  • Enter the Rate Details. 
  • The Name, Description, Type, and Charge Code are required. 

Step 8. Complete Room Assignment 

  • Select the Rooms you'd like to assign to this Rate.

Step 9. Set Dates for Group 

  • Specify the Date Range you'd like to make this Group Rate available. 
  • Once your dates are set, select Configure Rate.

Step 10. Define Rates for the Rooms

  • Enter the median or average rate amount you'd like applied to the rooms.
  • Additional edits (increasing/decreasing rates) can be made from the Rate Manager page. 

Step 11. Select Back to Rates

  • Once you are completely done creating your new group rate, select the Back to Rates button.

Great Job! You've Just Created a Group Rate! 
  • Now, you will want to create a Group for this Group Rate. Click here to learn more. 
  • Or, if you've already defined your Group, you can begin making reservations by selecting Menu > Front Desk > Create Reservation


For a rate to appear in a group, it must meet the following conditions for one of three group types:

1. Corporate Reservation: This is the reservation to which a Company Card is attached. The rate code should have a rate type that is classified as CORPORATE. To add a corporate rate, navigate to Settings > Rates > Rate Types > +ADD NEW.

2. Group Reservation: This can be accessed from Groups > New Group OR Manage Group. The rate code should have a rate type that is classified as GROUP. To add a group rate, navigate to Settings > Rates > Rate Types > +ADD NEW.

3. Public Reservation: The rate code will be classified as PUBLIC and is for the general public; thus, the reservation is not associated with any Corporate or Group Reservations. To add a public rate, navigate to Settings > Rates > Rate Types > +ADD NEW.

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