An Overview of the Do Not Move Setting

Modified on: Mon, 23 May, 2022 at 12:02 PM

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An Overview of the Do Not Move Setting

The DO NOT MOVE setting in Stayntouch Cloud PMS prevents users from unassigning or changing an arriving reservation’s room number. The DO NOT MOVE setting is a handy tool that ensures specific rooms are not changed, unassigned, or moved to a different reservation. This setting is especially useful in cases where the guest has requested a room for a particular reason. (For example, a couple is arriving who stayed in the same room 50 years ago, or the room has a specific amenity that the guest requires, such as a handicap accessible bathroom.) 

A room must be assigned to the reservation for the DO NOT MOVE toggle to appear on the stay card. Also, this setting is limited to arrivals or stay over reservations. Checked-out, cancelled, and no show reservations will not display the DO NOT MOVE button. An entry will also be made in the stay card activity log if the DO NOT MOVE toggle is switched ON or OFF from the stay card.

Please note, if a reservation in a group has the DO NOT MOVE toggle turned ON, you will be unable to change group stay dates until all reservations have the DO NOT MOVE toggle turned OFF. For more information, see this article.



Step 1. Open the Settings Page 
  • After you’ve logged in to Stayntouch Cloud PMS, open the Settings page by selecting the Sidebar Menu icon

Step 2. Select Permissions 
  • From the Settings page, Stayntouch Cloud PMS automatically opens the Hotel & Staff page. 
  • On this page, click the Permissions button. 

Step 3. Assign or Un-Assign Permission 
  • Only users with the permission titled Do Not Move reservation can lock or unlock a room assigned to reservation. 
  • Make sure that the Do Not Move reservation setting appears under the Assigned Permissions column for any users that need to be able to lock or unlock rooms. 


Step 4. Lock or Unlock a Room
  • From the guest’s stay card, the DO NOT MOVE toggle appears above the Room section
  • Please Note: A room must be assigned to the reservation for the DO NOT MOVE toggle to appear. 

Step 5. Toggle On or Off

  • You will know when the room is locked because a lock icon will appear, and the toggle will be right facing and display in red. 
  • As a result, the room will be locked and cannot be changed (unless the toggle is turned OFF again by a user with the correct permission). 

Do Not Move Messages: 
  • If a user attempts to re-assign or change the room from the Room Assignment page, a message will appear notifying the user that they cannot change this room type without first turning OFF the DO NOT MOVE toggle. 
  • Only users with this correct permission outlined above can toggle ON or OFF this setting.

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