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Rover PMS allows designated users to create a Travel Agent Card that can be configured with contracted rates, retrieved during reservation creation, or used when tracking internal accounts receivable information. This guide covers how to create a Travel Agent Card in Rover PMS from start to finish. 

Step 1. Navigate to Company & TA Cards 
  • Login to Rover.
  • From the Dashboard, select the Sidebar Menu > Revenue Management > Company & TA Cards.

Step 2. Create a New Card
  • Select the Search Bar to being typing directly into the space. 
  • Begin typing the name of the company to prompt Rover to: 
       1. Search for an existing company card. 
       2. Or create a new company card. 
  • Create a new card by selecting the +Add New button once you’ve entered the company name into the Search Bar.

Step 3. Choose Company 
  • Select an option depending on if you’d like Rover to save the card for a Company or Travel Agent. 
     o  For this example, we will be creating a Travel Agent Card

Step 4. Enter Travel Agent Details 
  • Begin entering the travel agent's details into the blank spaces under the Travel Agent Information section.
  • Be sure to include the: 
     1.  Name 
     2.  Address 
     3.  Contact Information (phone number, email address, and office address) 
     4.  Webpage

Step 5. Enter the Extended Travel Agent Details 
  • Of critical importance is ensuring that the travel agent's corporate details are entered correctly while on the Contract Information tab. Be sure to enter details for the following fields: 

          1.  Extended Company Details 

                    ■   IATA Number and Tax ID 
                    ■   Commission Information: Enter an amount that you'd like to to set the commission payment to (for example, 15%). 
                    ■   Prepaid: Selecting this box indicates to Rover that your property would like to pay the travel agent their commission                                  prior to the reservation's stay date. In most cases, the travel agent is compensated post-stay.) 

         2.  Primary Contact Details 
                    ■   Name, phone number, email address, etc.


Step 6. Add Notes (Optional) 
  • There is also a Notes tab if you’d like to include any additional notes to be shared with your team internally.

Step 7. Create AR Number(Optional) 

  • While on the Contact Information tab, below the Extended Company Details section, there is a Create Account button. 


    • You will want to select the Create Account button to assign an AR Number to the Company Card. 


    • As a result of selecting the Create Account button:  

               o   A new tab will be created in the header of the card titled - AR Account.  

               o   Rover will auto-assign a unique AR Number OR allow the user to create an AR Number for the card                                                         (this functionality is determined by your property's Rover settings). 

               o   The AR Number allows for the property to direct bill the travel agent. Only when an AR Number is assigned, can                                direct billing occur. 

               o   The AR Number created here will appear on the guest's invoice as well. 

    • On the AR Account tab, you may choose to: 

                  o  Allow Direct Billing 

                  o  Add AR Notes

                  o  Include Address Details 

                  o  Enter a Number for the Payment Due (Days): 

                                    ■   This field indicates the payment “due date” between the hotel and the travel agent.  

                                          Based on the number entered in this field, the property will automatically compensate 

                                          the company after the guest checks out and “x” number of days have passed.


Step 8. Add Billing Information (Optional) 
    • Next, if you'd like to configure bill routing for the card, select the Add Billing Information button.

    • The Billing Information is split into two sections: Entity and Details 



Use the Entity section on the left to: 

  1. Payment Information: Add additional payment information. 
  2. Credit Limit: Set a credit limit to apply to the Travel Agent Card.  
  3. Reference Number: Add a reference number. 



From the Details section, you may choose to manage the: 

  1. Billing Group: The Billing Group allows you to specify what the company will pay for. 
  2. Charge Groups: You may also search for a certain charge in the Charge Code section. 

Step 9. Save / Cancel 
    • Make sure to Save your changes, or click the Cancel button to exit out of the pop-up window for Bill Routing. 


Step 10. Open Contracts Tab 
    • When the Travel Agent Card details are defined (i.e. Contact Information an AR Number), navigate to the Contracts tab, to configure the contract rate with the travel agent card. 
    • Now, you are ready to assign a rate to the Travel Agent Card. Click here to get started.


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