How to Assign a Contract Rate

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How to Assign a Contract Rate 

When a company or travel agent would like frequent and regular access to a portion of the hotel’s available rooms, the hotel may choose to draw up a contracted rate with the company or travel agent. Assigning a contract rate to a company or travel agent starts on the Company or Travel Agent Card. You will also need to know which available rate you’d like use for the contract (or you may also choose to create a new rate for the Company or Travel Agent Card. Click here to learn more). 

Please Note: The steps for creating a contract rate for either a Company or Travel Agent are very similar from the Contracts tab, which is why we've combined these instructions into one document. 

Step 1. Select New Contract
  • On the Company Card or Travel Agent Card, select the Contracts tab.
  • Click the New Contract button located on the right hand side of the page. 

Step 2. Name Contract Rate
  • Enter a unique name in the Contract Name field that you’d like to assign to the contract rate. 

Step 3. Fill Out Rate Details
  • Under the Details section, begin filling out the following: 

Search or Select a Rate 
  • In the field below the Contracted Rate section, begin typing the name of the public or corporate rate you'd like to assign to the card. Rover will display results that match your search criteria (i.e., entering “Rate” will retrieve all rates with the words “Rate” in the name). 
  • Note: The rate classification or "type" is important for this step. Only public and corporate rates will appear for selection.  

Adjust Amount 
  • Increase or decrease the selected rate by choosing the (+/-) and dollar amount or percentage. This will alter the original rate’s specifications.
  • Note: If you do NOT want to make any changes to the rate, you may enter +/- zero ("0") to leave the rate as is. 

Start Date & End Date
  • This defines when the contract rate will be available for the company to use.          
  • Note: It is strongly recommended that the user verify that the dates entered in this space match the dates outlined in the contract.

Fixed Rate 
  • Toggle to No or Yes
  • If "yes" is selected, the contract rate is NOT bound to the base or "parent" rate. (Reminder: The base/parent rate is the rate the user entered in the Search or Select section under the Rate Details.) The contract rate is defined as "fixed" and will not mirror changes made to the base/parent rate it was created from.
  • If "no" is selected, the contract rate remains bound to the base/parent rate it was created from. Any modifications made to the base/parent rate in Rover will be reflected in the contract rate. 

Show on Guest Bill 
  • Toggle to No or Yes
  • If "yes" is selected, the rate information will display on the guest's bill.
  • If "no" is selected, the rate information will not display on the guest's bill. 

Contracted Nights
  • Entering a number in this space will define the total number of nights per month the contract is available to the company.

Step 4. Save Contract
  • Select Save Contract to assign the rate to the Company Card or Travel Agent Card.
  • Note: You may assign additional contract rates to the Company or Travel Agent Card by repeating these steps with a new rate.

Step 5. Rename the Rate

  • After saving the rate, you may choose to rename the rate with the Rename button.


Step 6. Success! 

  • Congrats! You've just created your first rate! Great job! 
  • If you'd like, you can make additional adjustments to the contract rate on the Rate Manager page in Rover. 

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