Customize Guest Bill Email Details

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How to Customize Email When Sending Guest Bill

Follow the instructions below to customize the subject line and text that will display in the body of the email the guest receives with their invoice

Before You Get Started

If you've already completed this step, click here to learn how to print the invoice for the guest.  

Step 1. Go to Settings > Hotel & Staff
  • Navigate to the Hotel & Staff page by selecting Menu > Settings > Hotel & Staff.


Step 2. Select Hotel & Staff > Stationery
  • Click the Hotel & Staff button. Then select Stationery.


Step 3. Scroll to Customize Guest Bill Section
  • Find the Customize Guest Bill header on this page.


Step 4. Locate the Guest Bill Email Subject Section
  • Scroll down to the section titled Guest Bill Email Subject.
  • You may choose to use the code below which will auto-load your hotel's name and the guest's confirmation number in the email subject line:
    o   INVOICE: %{hotel_name} / %{confirmation_number}

  • Or you may enter a unique subject line which will display in the in the email subject line. (Example: Thank You For Your Patronage!)

Step 5. Locate the Guest Bill Email Body Section
  • Scroll down to the section titled Guest Bill Email Body
  • Enter any specific text you'd like to appear in the body of the guest's email. 


Step 6. Click Save Changes
  • Make sure to select Save Changes before navigating away from this page. 

Example Emails
  • Below are some examples of email messages the guest would receive. Note that the folio is saved as a PDF that the guest can download. 

Example 1: Pre-Formatted Code & Email Body 

This is an example of an email you will see when you use the following code for the Email Subject Line:

    o   INVOICE: %{hotel_name} / %{confirmation_number}


Example 2: Unique Email Subject Line & Email Body


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