How to Ensure Recommended Rates Populate for Reservations

Modified on: Tue, 22 Jan, 2019 at 2:57 PM

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Recommended Rates Populate for Group/Allotments 

Rover will automatically direct a user to the Recommended Rate screen if the particular Company/T.A./Group/Allotment Rate is included during reservation creation. On the Recommended Rate screen, the user will see the contracted rates or the rate specific to the selected group or allotment


Note: For this feature to work, a rate must first be created for the Group. Click here to learn how to configure a group rate. 

Step 1. Create a Reservation 

  • From the sidebar Menu, select Front Desk > Create Reservation

Step 2. Enter the Group's Dates
  • From the Reservations page, enter the start date and end date for the guest. 
  • To retrieve a Recommended Rate, make sure that when you select dates, they fall within the Group's reservation dates. 

Step 3. Retrieve Group Name
  • After entering the guest's first and last name, locate the Company / T.A. / Group / Allotment (Optional) section. 
  • Begin typing the name of the Group in this section. 
  • If you've entered the correct dates for the group, the group's name will auto-populate. Select the correct name for the group, and click Find Rooms & Rates. 


Step 4. Stay Card 
  • Enter the guest's contact information into the Stay Card.

Step 5. Choose Recommended Rate 
  • From the Room & Rates screen, Rover will display the Recommended Rate for the guest. 
  • When the recommended rate is not available, the user can choose to display public rates by clicking the All Room Types or All Rates buttons beside the Recommended option. 
  • Click Book and complete the reservation creation process. 

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