SpaBooker by Mindbody

Modified on: Mon, 23 Aug, 2021 at 12:00 PM

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SpaBooker by Mindbody

The team at Pure Informatique, a SpaBooker reseller, has written an integration between SpaBooker by Mindbody and the StayNTouch PMS, which supports the following:

  • Look up guest room or house accounts for posting charges
  • Post charges to guest room or house account
  • Post non-room charges and payments to a house account

SpaBooker is looking to potentially add the following items based on demand:

  • Retrieve all reservations for future dates to allow client data to be used in booking services
  • Create guest cards for spa users to later be used at the hotel

There is a minimal set up on the StayNTouch side for this. StayNTouch needs to provide OAuth key data to Mindbody/Pure Informatique.

For this integration, the following steps must be completed:

  • StayNTouch to generate OAuth keys.
  • Once the OAuth keys are created, StayNT will send them to Mindbody/Pure Informatique.

Pure Informatique has a number of items that they need the spa hotel to complete, which include the following:

  • Sign an integration order form with Pure Informatique
  • Set up accounts in their Mindbody platform
    • Confirm the Booker Location ID
    • Allow Pure Informatique to access the location's API
    • Set up a username and password for the location
  • A setup call will be scheduled between Pure Informatique and the location (StayNTouch is not involved)

The sheet attached at the bottom of this article is a preliminary view of what Pure Informatique will be looking for from the location to get things set up.


The charge code IDs and such can be obtained in StayNTouch Cloud PMS from Settings > Integrations > RoverConnect ID Lookup.


Note: Mindbody does not have the direct ability to set this up. At this time, any hotel that has SpaBooker by Mindbody will need to contact Pure Informatique to obtain the licensing for this. We do not have any information on the cost of this service from them. The hotel may reach out to Jeremie Novarro at


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