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The team at Oobeo has created an API integration that allows for the hotel valet team to communicate with guests about picking up cars, retrieving cars, and tracking where cars are parked. With Oobeo, you can attach an add-on to the bill, as well.

The set up for this is similar to other API integrations and has minimal set up from SNT side. SNT needs to provide OAuth keys and set up webhooks.

Please set up the webhooks in Settings > Chain > Webhooks to the endpoint provided by the Oobeo team. You should also set up webhooks for Oobeo using the APIs to pull data for arrivals and in-house guests.

For this integration, the following steps must be completed:

  • Your hotel should send authorization to your CSM or Implementations allowing Oobeo to access your data.
  • SNT to generate OAuth keys.
  • Once the OAuth keys are created, SNT will send them to Oobeo.

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