Aireus POS

Modified on: Fri, 26 Mar, 2021 at 8:37 AM

Applies to:          StayNTouch Cloud PMS             StayNTouch PMS Overlay

Aireus POS

Aireus POS is cloud-based and runs off of iPads. They are able to post the following items:

  • Room and account lookup by room or name

  • Indicator on screen of rooms that can not charge to a guest room

  • Room charge

  • Account charge

  • Send non-room charges to a house account for reporting purposes (one account)


SNT needs to provide Aireus with OAuth keys.

Your property should export the following from Settings > Integrations > RoverConnect ID Lookup for ease of mapping:

  • Charge Codes
  • Posting Accounts

Your property will then need to work with the Aireus team to advise mapping of the following:

  • Items to charge codes

  • Payment codes to use for non-room/account charges 

    • There can be one for cash and one for credit cards

    • They can all can have their own code

    • In either case, they should be unique from standard cash and credit card transactions

  • Account to which to post non-room charges

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