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Applies to:          StayNTouch Cloud PMS             StayNTouch PMS Overlay


AT-Visions has created an app for checking guests in and out as well as TV and Internet verification for rooms. AT-Visions can also post charges for premium Wi-Fi or paid movies. To set up this integration, the following tasks must be completed.

  • Hotel needs to send authorization to Client Success Manager (CSM)/Implementation allowing AT-Visions to access their data

  • SNT to generate OAuth tokens

  • Once credentials are generated, forward to AT-Visions via CSM/Implementations



AT-Visions has created an app that allows a hotel’s guests to check in, review their bill, and then check out. AT-Visions uses the main APIs for pre-check-in status as well as the check-out functionality. The SNT team is only required to create an OAuth token. The hotel must send their authorization via their CSM.


AT-Visions primarily relies on webhooks to update and open TV & Internet for their guests. Please set up the following generic webhooks in Settings > Chain > Webhooks to the endpoint provided by the AT-Visions team.

  • Check-In Completed

  • Room Move

  • Edit Guest

  • Checked-Out


If the hotel is going to charge for items, they will need an OAuth token. It can be the same one used for the check in and check out app, but if the hotel is not using that, SNT can create another OAuth token.

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