Zaplox Door Locks

Modified on: Fri, 26 Mar, 2021 at 8:28 AM

Applies to:          StayNTouch Cloud PMS             StayNTouch PMS Overlay

Zaplox Door Locks

Zaplox provides guest engagement options and mobile applications for hotels to use with their guests. They have been certified on a base application that does the following:

  • Finds guest reservations via confirmation numbers from StayNTouch Cloud PMS as well as external sources

  • Fetches information regarding reservations

  • Based on the data pulled, allows for updating guest card (profile) data

  • From the reservation record, calculates the amount that the guest needs to pre-pay or the amount that will be authorized on guests credit card for check-in

  • Captures guest credit card and tokenizes the card via the hotel’s credit card gateway

  • Checks in the guest to rooms based on auto assign within the system or assigned rooms

  • At the time of check-out, retrieves guest data and bill amounts to display to the guest

  • Triggers check-out, which will auto bill to the credit card on the reservation and or direct bill, etc.

  • Emails a copy of the bill to the guest


Zaplox looks after all setup items. The SNT team is only required to create an OAuth token.

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