Tripleseat Integration with StayNTouch

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Tripleseat Integration with StayNTouch

The below information describes the Tripleseat integration with StayNTouch and will help prepare you for the process. 


Guest room availability and rates will be automatically pulled from StayNTouch using the hotel's selected rate plans. The customer should decide which rate plans in the PMS will be used to define each of the following and provide the name/rate plan ID during setup:   

  • Guest room availability/inventory counts    
  • Guest room base rate    
  • Guest room minimum acceptable rate



1. Room Allocation/Inventory/Rates Sent from StayNTouch to Tripleseat:

  • Daily retrieval    
  • Information retrieved for each room type:
    • Daily room allocation    
    • Inventory information    
    • Assigned rates    

NOTE: SNT integration disables the "Run of House" room type in Tripleseat; therefore, it should be disabled to avoid overbooking issues. If you are currently using "Run of House", please adjust the bookings and reallocate the rooms.   


NOTE: Tripleseat maintains the following information, and the data below will not be updated:

  • Date
  • Room type
  • Total rooms
  • Base rate
  • Minimum acceptable rate


2. Guest Room Block from Tripleseat to StayNTouch:

  • Once the guest room block is created in Tripleseat, the room block details will go to StayNTouch in real-time and create the booking room block.
  • Information sent to the PMS will include the following:    
    • Name    
    • Property ID    
    • Start/end date    
    • Extended start date/extended end date    
      • Extended start and end date are used to specify shoulder dates for a guest room block that extend beyond the primary booking and are the actual start and end of the blocked dates
    • Block release date
  • Each room block can have multiple dates. For each date, the following information is sent over the PMS:
    • Date    
    • Guest room type    
    • Agreed room count: The max that is allowed under the booking    
    • Blocked room count: What is removed from inventory    
    • Forecast room count: Used for reporting    
    • Rate


3. Guest Room Block from Tripleseat to StayNTouch:

  • When a room is picked up in StayNTouch, it will update the pick-up count in Tripleseat. This update is in real-time.

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