Rover PMS: Release Notes (v5.15) – 6 November 2019

Modified on: Fri, 8 Nov, 2019 at 9:12 AM

Rover PMS

Release Notes (v5.15)

Effective: 6 November 2019


Add Date Range to Invoice/Folio Export

You can now add a date range to the Invoice/Folio Export. This report will pull all reservations where a folio number has been generated during the date range specified. 

Folio Tax Report

We have added a Folio Tax Report that must be enabled by SNT Admin. This is a legal requirement in certain countries and shows a tax revenue breakdown for a specific date range. You can also translate the report into one of the supported languages of your choosing. 

To enable the Folio Tax Report for your hotel, please contact Customer Support.

Add or Remove a Credit Card from a Reservation

You can now add or remove a credit card from a reservation like you can from the guest card. If the credit card is attached to both the reservation and guest card, it has to be removed from both, as well.

Group Code Now Mandatory 

The GROUP CODE is now mandatory upon group creation, and once created, it cannot be changed. Furthermore, each GROUP CODE must be unique. If the GROUP CODE is not entered by the user during creation of a new group, it will be auto-generated when the group is saved. The auto-generated GROUP CODE will be a combination of the first 5 letters of the group name, the group arrival date, and the group creation time in the following format: XXXXXYYMMDD-HHMMSS.

Translations Added to Payment Receipt Labels

Rover now supports translations for payment receipt labels. To add these translations, please contact Customer Support.

List of Add-Ons Now Displays Price and Value

The add-ons listed on the Enhance Stay page during the guest check-in process now display both price and value as pictured below.

Arrival and Departure Time Added to Confirmation Email

Arrival and departure time have been added to the confirmation email as pictured below.

User Session Timeout Max Set to 15 Minutes

To satisfy security requirements, the AUTO LOGOUT DELAY [MINUTES] max has been set to 15 minutes. You can set this field to less than 15 minutes; however, hotels that currently have this field set to more than 15 minutes will revert to 15 minutes. This setting can be configured from Settings > Hotel & Staff > Hotel Details > AUTO LOGOUT DELAY [MINUTES].


Contracts | New Design

We have redesigned contracts to resolve the mass number of rate cards that were created for every contract in Rover. This new functionality makes them easier to navigate. For full details about these enhancements, see this article.

Custom Exports

We have added the option to create custom exports in Rover from Reports > Schedule a Report/Export > Custom Exports. These exports can be filtered on a variety of fields. For more information about custom exports, you can view this article.

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