Hide Bill Windows

Modified on: Thu, 12 May, 2022 at 7:45 AM

Applies to:          Stayntouch Cloud PMS          

Hide Bill Windows

Upon navigating to BILL & CHARGES from the Stay Card, you will be taken to the Guest Bill page, where you can view guest bill charges. Please note, if you only have one bill window, you will be unable to delete it, as you will always have at least one bill associated with a reservation.

If you create a second bill, you can easily hide the bill by clicking the red X on the right of the bill window, because there are no financial transactions associated with the second bill. That is key for this functionality to work, as there cannot be financial transactions associated with the bill, and there cannot be bill routing in place.

If you were to unhide or reveal the second bill and then add an additional third bill, the close button will appear on the third bill but not on the second bill. This is because you can only hide bills in consecutive order, as long as there are no financial transactions associated with the bill.

If you ADD BILLING INFORMATION to the third bill, the red button will no longer be present, because you have bill routing associated with the bill. This is essentially preventing any user error, where you might try to close or hide a bill window where there is some sort of financial activity associated with the window.


Please note, if you navigate to an account's Transactions tab from Front Desk > Accounts > Transactions, the same functionality will apply. This means only the last bill can be hidden, and if you add bill routing to the last bill, then that bill cannot be hidden either.

Furthermore, all bill activity can be tracked on the Activity Log of both the Stay Card and Account

The above explains how to hide bill windows in Stayntouch Cloud PMS. For more information, you can view this video or contact Customer Support.

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