Functionality of the Add-On Forecast Report

Modified on: Wed, 11 Mar, 2020 at 1:12 PM

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Functionality of the Add-On Forecast Report

The Add-On Forecast Report is a Forecast Report and not a Production Report. Therefore, when you run it for a past date, it shows the cancelled reservations and not any reservations that stayed at and checked out of your hotel. Rover does not have an Add-On Statistics Report that shows past production.

Furthermore, please note, in the report filters, the default RESERVATION STATUS is All Selected, which means the report will show reservations that are CANCELLED, NO SHOW, IN HOUSE, DUE OUT, etc. Please select the appropriate RESERVATION STATUS based on what you need. There is also a SORT BY filter below RESERVATION STATUS, which you can use to sort the report by Name or Room.

The Add-On Forecast Report also will not show add-ons that were manually posted as a charge directly on the bill.

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