How to Get Excel to Recognize UTF-8 Characters

Modified on: Fri, 15 Nov, 2019 at 1:04 PM

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How to Get Excel to Recognize UTF-8 Characters

Microsoft Excel does not recognize UTF-8 characters set in a CSV file when opened by double clicking. This has nothing to do with Rover's code, as it supports UTF-8, and other programs like Google Sheets or Notepad are able to recognize the UTF-8 coding. It is just that Excel is unable to recognize UTF-8 characters. However, there is an alternate method to open the CSV file in Excel so that it supports UTF-8 characters. If the file is imported into Excel using the Excel's Import Wizard, then Excel recognizes the UTF-8 characters. To do so, open Excel first, choose From Text from the Data menu, then select the CSV file and import. Follow the prompts as per screenshots below:

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