Invoice Settings

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Invoice Settings

To configure invoice settings in Rover, navigate to Settings > Financials > Invoices

From here, you will first be asked to indicate what the FIRST INVOICE NUMBER will be for your property. Please note, if you're cutting over from another PMS, it is a good idea to start after the last invoice number used by your existing PMS.

If you want to add a prefix, you can so in the INVOICE NUMBER PREFIX field. To differentiate Rover invoice numbers from your previous PMS, you can enter an "R" prefix here ("R" as in Rover).

Further, to display a tax breakdown for invoices, be sure to turn ON the EXTENDED TAX BREAKDOWN toggle. When this toggle is activated, this acts as an extra feature that shows any tax exempt reservations, different VATs added to charge codes, as well as the total balance.

You can also toggle ON PAYMENT RECEIPTS, which will add a payment receipt number to your invoices. These numbers can be entered in the search bar within the Invoice Search section to more efficiently search for a specific invoice.

If you want Rover to print the invoice number, simply toggle ON PRINT INVOICE NUMBER, and it will display on all printed invoices. 

Finally, to check out all of your reservations at once, toggle ON BULK CHECK-OUT – SEND INVOICES. Upon doing so, invoices will be sent for all reservations checked out in bulk.

The above explains how to configure invoice settings in Rover. For more information, view this video or contact Customer Support.

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