Rover Credit Card Payments

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Rover Credit Card Payments

Rover offers a wide variety of features concerning credit card payments. For a full explanation of these features, see the information below.


To view active credit card types for a property, navigate to Financials > Journal > PAYMENTS tab. Under the PAYMENT TYPE column, you'll see a group for CREDIT CARD. Within this category is a list of all the credit card merchants active for your property. If you click on a particular merchant, you'll be shown all the transactions that have occurred through that merchant.

To view a specific reservation to confirm payment, simply duplicate your tab and search the name of the guest attached to the reservation from the Rover Dashboard.

Once you have selected the reservation, you can confirm the credit card payment was posted from the BILL & CHARGES section.


If you're looking for a payment made during a specific date range, simply adjust the DATE FROM and DATE TO to generate payments that occurred during that date range. Doing so will display more or fewer reservations depending on the range selected.

Please note, when looking at the Journal for the current business date, the display of payments is in real time, so your numbers will vary based on the time of day.


To view a list of approved and declined credit card transactions, you can navigate to Financials > CC Transactions, where you will see Approved and Declined transactions for a specific date listed under the PAYMENTS tab. To view individual transactions, click the downward-facing arrows for a complete list of approved or declined transactions on the selected date.


The PAYMENTS and AUTHORIZATIONS tabs on the CC Transactions page differ slightly, in that some authorizations may be reversed. You will find such Reverse Authorizations within the AUTHORIZATIONS tab along with Approved and Declined transactions. Please note, an authorization is NOT payment; rather, it is a reservation of funds on a guest credit card. A payment, on the other hand, takes the actual funds from the guest credit card.


To print a list of credit card transactions, simply navigate back to the PAYMENTS tab and find the dropdown tab. If you pull down this tab, you will see a blue PRINT button that allows you to print anything you are viewing. So, for example, if you've clicked the downward-facing arrow for Approved transactions, selecting the PRINT button will generate a printer-friendly document with all of these transactions.

The above covers the functionality available for credit card payments in Rover. For a step-by-step tutorial of these features, see this video. If you still have questions about credit card payments, please contact Customer Support.

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