Rover PMS: Release Notes (v5.7) – 22 May 2019

Modified on: Fri, 20 Dec, 2019 at 10:32 AM

Rover PMS

Release Notes (v5.7)

Effective: 22 May 2019


PMS: Manual Credit Card Authorizations

This feature is for clients who are interfaced with Merchant Link Payment Gateway—and where a card is presented for which an authorization over the phone is required—or where the connection to the payment gateway is temporarily unavailable. After obtaining an authorization code over the phone, users can now select a checkbox for manual credit card authorization. Upon selection, an additional field will appear, in which users can enter a manually-obtained (via phone) authorization code that will be saved to the card details.

Groups: Split Rate for Accompanying Guests

Hotels can now split group rates evenly among accompanying guests on group reservations. This functionality has been added to the Billing Information section on the Group Summary screen. When enabled, group reservations will be able to split the rate evenly among accompanying guests by creating billing instructions for accompanying guests.

Room Types Assigned to Future Reservations Cannot Be Changed

Users cannot change the room type for a room if the room number is assigned to future reservations. Previously, if room type was changed for an existing room number, and that room number was assigned to a future reservation, the existing reservation held onto the old room type/room number combination. Now, however, users will receive the following message:

Auto-Lock Functionality Removed from Posting Accounts and Guest Bills

Auto-lock functionality has been removed from posting accounts and guest bills. When lock bill is toggled ON by SNT Admin, the following scenarios apply to both posting accounts and guest bills:

Scenario 1: Bills will not automatically lock when a refund is generated to make the bill balance 0.00.

Scenario 2: Bills will not automatically lock when the balance is brought to 0.00 by payment. 

In both of these scenarios, select the GENERATE INVOICE button on the guest bill to lock the bill.

Please note, direct bill check-out will remain as is; there are no changes to that functionality. When a guest checks out, the bill will lock by default if the balance is 0.00.

To enable this feature at your property, please contact Customer Support.

Sell Limits

Hotels now have the option to toggle ON an ADD SELL LIMITS button in Rover. Sell limits is currently supported for the following integrations (i.e., Windsurfer, SiteMinder, and TravelClick), and is in pilot release for Synxis. Sell limit is a feature that can be used to set a limit for the selling of physical rooms available on a specific date. We can add this limit for both house and room type level. The overbooking will occur only if we sold all the physical rooms based on the sell limit set in Rover. (Please note, all CRS integrations currently support sell limit on RoomType level only, and if you configure sell limit on house level, it will need to be manually updated on the CRS level, assuming CRS has the capability.) 

You can read more about this new feature in the articles below.


Switzerland: Police Export

Due to Zurich legal requirements, we have added a police export field to the Reports section in Rover. 

When activated for a hotel, the following fields will display on the guest card:

  • Hometown

  • Place of Residence

  • Country (select from a dropdown menu)

This report must be toggled ON by SNT Admin, so please contact Customer Support to enable for your property.


Groups: Country and Nationality Added to Group Summary Screen

From Settings > Reservations > Reservation Settings, when the FORCE NATIONALITY AT CHECK-IN checkbox is selected, country and nationality fields now displayed on the Group Summary screen and can be selected to apply to all reservations in a group. If the checkbox remains unselected, these fields will not display on the Group Summary screen.

These records also display in the Group Activity Log and the Guest Card Activity Log. When country and nationality fields are updated on the Group Summary screen, guests for existing reservations will also be updated. Please note, integrations will fail for properties with an interface to an S&C system unless the system sends this data.

New Invoice Search: Navigate To and From the Stay Card

From Financials > Invoice Search, users can now search for an invoice, select a guest, and then access the stay card by selecting the orange >> button. 

This will direct users to the Transactions tab of the parent stay card. 

From the stay card, you will need to go back to the Invoice Search screen.


Updates to Room Diary

We have added a few new settings to the Room Diary functionality in Rover. Simply navigate to Front Desk > Room Diary, and you will find changes to the page’s layout, a new streamlined appearance, and a toggle for RESERVED/AVAILABLE rooms. 

When RESERVED is selected from the RESERVED/AVAILABLE toggle, you will only see those rooms that are currently set to arrive or have checked into the hotel. 

From this page, hotels can create reservations but not assigned rooms. On the right hand side of the page, you will also see a section that lists UNASSIGNED RESERVATIONS. To make this column visible, you may need to adjust the window size to make it smaller, then select the orange bed icon (highlighted below) when it appears. This will make a list of UNASSIGNED RESERVATIONS display (if there are any).

This will list the total number of unassigned room for the specific date you have selected. To assign a room to a reservation, simply click on the reservation, at which point, it will become highlighted in orange.

Doing so will show only the specific room type selected for that reservation as well as available rooms (up to 50 displayed per page). To assign a room to the reservation, simply select the button to assign to a room number. At this point in time, we do not have the ability to move to a different room type. This instead needs to be done through the stay card.

Upon assigning a room, you can then click on the room to extend the reservation or go to the stay card by clicking the orange STAY CARD button.

You are also able to move the room by selecting the MOVE ROOM button.


This will give you the option to select from different rooms to which you can move the reservation. 

Furthermore, you can also move a room back to the UNASSIGNED RESERVATIONS list by selecting the UNASSIGN ROOM button located to the right of the MOVE ROOM button.

When AVAILABLE is selected from the RESERVED/AVAILABLE toggle, you will see all the available rooms at a hotel, which will appear as green BOOK >> buttons as indicated below. 

Selecting this button will allow you to check in a guest as usual. Changing the room type from the check-in field will move the reservation to the UNASSIGNED RESERVATIONS field on the Room Diary.

Please note, this is a pilot release, so feel free to review the video below to understand the functionality. If there are any items you come across or feedback you have, please submit a ticket here.

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