Crediting Invoices via Direct Bill

Modified on: Thu, 12 May, 2022 at 7:44 AM

Applies to:          Stayntouch Cloud PMS          

Crediting Invoices via Direct Bill

Please see the below instructions for crediting an invoice via direct bill.

First, navigate to the Stay Card from the Dashboard. From the Stay Card, select the BILL & CHARGES button, which will direct you to the Guest Bill. Here, you can add routing to the reservation via the BILLING INFORMATION button.

At this point, you can pay the outstanding balance via Direct Bill.

Upon doing so, the charges will be moved to the desired company's A/R account.

If you accidentally billed the wrong company, you are also able to credit the entire invoice. First, add a new bill and new routing method for that bill (from the same reservation/Stay Card). 

You can then add the same charge on Bill #3, but a negative value.

After clicking the pay button in Bill #3, the balance due will be issued as a refund, since it will display as a negative value.

You can then move the refund to the same A/R account as the Company Card from the previous transaction. Now, when you open the Company Card and navigate to the A/R Transactions tab, you will see the initial invoice (Bill #2) as well as the credit invoice (Bill #3).

You can then select the downward facing arrow on the credit invoice.

This will enable you to MOVE TO CREDIT.

Now, from the CREDIT section, you will be able to allocate the credit balance to the outstanding invoice.

Upon navigating to the CREDIT section, you will see your manual A/R credit at the bottom of the list of transactions. At this point, select ALLOCATE to allocate the credit. 

After selecting ALLOCATE, you will be referred back to OPEN BILLS. Then, select the check box to the left of the invoice you want to credit—at which point, a PAY SELECTED button will appear.

Clicking the PAY SELECTED button will move the invoice to PAID BILLS. Here, you will find the credited invoice.

If you want to resend an invoice, navigate back to the Stay Card and post the charges manually, add a new routing, and pay the invoice via direct bill.

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