How to Use EventTemple

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How to Use EventTemple

EventTemple is a tool that allows you to schedule and coordinate leads and group bookings. The interface directly communicates with Stayntouch Cloud PMS to send information back and forth simultaneously between the two systems. When groups are created in EventTemple, rooms can also be added with the availability and room prices included. Once room information is added to EventTemple, the group account is automatically created in and synced with Stayntouch Cloud PMS. EventTemple also enables linking a new lead to an existing group in Stayntouch Cloud PMS. As with new groups, the information will be automatically synced between Stayntouch Cloud PMS and EventTemple.

Right now, these are the three primary types of information EventTemple shares with Stayntouch Cloud PMS (with some limitations):

1. Group Creation: Currently, once a group is pushed from EventTemple to Stayntouch Cloud PMS, the user still needs to add a few items in Stayntouch Cloud PMS. These items include the following:

  • Demographics: You cannot add demographics from EventTemple. For now, you need to add these from Stayntouch Cloud PMS.
  • Billing Information: You cannot add billing information from EventTemple. For now, you need to add these from Stayntouch Cloud PMS.
  • Group Rate Codes (if they want to use this): Currently, it's only possible to sync custom rates from EventTemple, not to add group rates. For now, you need to do this from Stayntouch Cloud PMS.

2. Checking Availability: When checking availability, the user should navigate to the Availability screen in Stayntouch Cloud PMS. This allows them to see which rooms are available for sale. They then need to check EventTemple for Event Space and cross check the two.


3. Invoicing/Banquet Check: If the hotel enters banquet checks into their POS, then no change in behavior is needed. However, if the hotel intends to use EventTemple to settle banquet checks, then they need to settle these to a house account and manually post charges in Stayntouch Cloud PMS.

Eventually, the goal is to automatically integrate all of these features so hotels using EventTemple can perform all of these tasks from EventTemple without needing to add anything from Stayntouch Cloud PMS.

EventTemple Overview

When logging into EventTemple, you can also log into Stayntouch Cloud PMS to monitor the transfer of information. Upon logging into EventTemple, you will immediately be directed to the Dashboard, which provides information on Leads Over Time, Bookings Over Time, and New Leads (Past 7 days). On the left side of the page, you will see a menu column that outlines everything EventTemple offers.


You will notice a Calendar page that displays everything you add to EventTemple, as well as an Event Diary, where events and conferences can be added.

Leads & Bookings 

The Leads & Bookings page is where you actually add new proposals signed and then create groups from those leads and bookings. This page contains a table with the following five stages:

  1. New Lead
  2. Follow Up Before Appt
  3. Appt Scheduled
  4. Proposal Mode
  5. Proposal Signed

These are the five stages that occur when adding a new proposal/lead.

To add a new lead, click the green +Add New button on the upper left side of the screen. From the New Lead window, enter the following information:

  • A main contact
  • An account, which, in EventTemple, is a company
  • A travel agent
  • Information for your main contact, including the name of your contact and your event's start and end dates
  • The booking information, which includes the status of the lead (most commonly Definite), the tentative date, the definite date, stage & pipeline, and the optional inquiry time and referral source

Upon entering this information, select Save and Close to finish creating your lead. After saving your lead, you will see it listed underneath the column to which you assigned its stage & pipeline. To view details for this lead, click on the lead.


Now, underneath Other Info > Group, you can either add a group for the lead by selecting the +Add Group link or add the lead to an existing group in Stayntouch Cloud PMS by selecting the Link To Existing Group From PMS link.

To add the lead to an existing group in Stayntouch Cloud PMS, simply search the group name, select the group when it populates, and link the two.

If you are instead adding a new group reservation, you will see fields for the following information upon selecting the +Add Group link:

  • Group Name (default and locked)
  • Status (default and locked)
  • Arrival Date (default and locked)
  • Departure Date (default and locked)
  • Group Code: Enter a code here.
  • Release Date: Enter the date you plan to release the group reservation.

From this window, you can also select to Add Rooms & Rates for the group reservation. Here, indicate the room type, the single occupancy rate, the double occupancy rate, and the cost of an extra adult.

Upon saving this information, enter a group code and release date, as well as the number of rooms you need for each room and rate. This information automatically populates in the Room Nights and Revenue fields, and then again in the Summary field, with the Room Nights, Room Revenue, and ADR listed.

To ensure this information is automatically sent to Stayntouch Cloud PMS, be sure to select the Create on PMS checkbox prior to clicking Save. Then, to confirm this information has been sent to Stayntouch Cloud PMS, simply log into Stayntouch Cloud PMS and navigate to Settings > Groups > Manage Groups > Search Group Name or Group Code. From here, you will see that your new group has automatically been created in Stayntouch Cloud PMS.

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