Rover PMS: Release Notes (v3.8)

Modified on: Wed, 9 Jan, 2019 at 9:43 AM

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v3.8)


Effective: 4th April 2018


Delete Guest Card

  • Users have the option to “remove” a guest card OR “delete” a guest card. The only difference is that if there is NO current or future reservation(s) associated with the guest card, the card is deleted (rather than just removing the guest’s details).

  • The “delete” button will be disabled/greyed-out if:

    • The card is associated with a current or future reservation.

    • There is an unpaid AR record for the guest.

    • There is an unpaid commission record for this guest.

    • There is a hotel loyalty program (not frequent flyer). If this is present, Rover will not allow the removal of the card. 

  • Now, when the guest details are removed, only the first initial of the first AND last name will remain. Example: John Smith would become J*** S****

Daily Production by Rate Export 

  • We’ve improved the Daily Production by Rate Export to show the same information as what is retrieved in the Report. Previously, rate types (or “categories”) were missing in the export. 

Yearly VAT Report 

  • Specifically created for Belgium properties, this report retrieves a list of all Belgium Profiles with a VAT Number, which includes the total net revenue and total VAT for the fiscal year.

  • The Yearly VAT Report is a PERMISSION-DRIVEN report that must be assigned to the user. 

  • The report allows users to filter by year as well as filter by “with VAT” or “without VAT”. 

AR Invoice: Move Zero to Paid 

  • Zero balances can now be moved to the PAID tab. Here's how: 

    • Retrieve the Company or Travel Agent Card. 

    • Select the AR Transactions tab.  

    • Locate a reservation with a balance of $0.00 from the BALANCE tab. 

    • Select the “Move Zero Balance to Paid” button. 

    • The invoice then moves to the PAID Tab.

“Do Not Print Rate” Enhancement 

  • When “Do Not Print Rate” is selected on a guest stay card the rate will not print on the guest registration card.

  • Now, in addition to the above being true, when a company pays the guest’s deposit, the rate amount will not print as well (see sample invoice below). 

Download Passport Info (Zest Station) 

  • Is it now possible to download the Passport details in Zest Station. 

  • The scanned photo, signature, and guest details will download in a .zip file. 

Improved: Manage Terms & Conditions Better 

  • We’ve reorganized the Terms & Conditions Stationary page in Rover (Settings > Hotel & Staff > Stationary). 

  • Learn how to create and manage the Terms & Conditions (and accompanying translations) HERE.

Improved Pagination

  • We’ve introduced page numbers to the bottom of the following:

    • Stay Card > Activity Log

    • Allotment > Reservation List

    • Allotment > Search List

    • Group > Rooming List

    • Group > Search List

    • Housekeeping > HK Log Tab

Interfaces Enhancements


  • We added a re-sync option for GMS (Zdirect) in Rover PMS.

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