Terms & Conditions Setup

Modified on: Tue, 29 Jan, 2019 at 8:52 AM

Applies to:          Rover PMS             Rover Overlay

Terms & Conditions Setup

Create multiple “versions” of your Terms & Conditions script and configure Rover/Zest to display that version for a specific stage of the stayover process. You can configure multiple versions, like in the example below: 

To manage Terms and Conditions in Rover, proceed to: 

  • Settings > Hotel & Staff > Stationery > Terms & Conditions

  • From the Stationery page, select Terms & Conditions

  • Use the + Add New button to create a new, unique Terms & Conditions. 

  • As you create multiple versions of your Terms & Conditions, they will appear for selection above the + Add New button. 

  • Then, with the Assign to Section, you can hand pick which Terms & Conditions appear based on what stage of the stayover process your guest is in (as well as which products you have configured for use with Rover PMS). 

  • You can opt to select None, if you don’t want any Terms & Conditions to appear.

You can also configure multiple versions of translated text, as well. 

  • Start by selecting your desired language from the dropdown menu. 

  • Choose + Add New.

  • Assign a name to the title.

  • Enter the translated text in the appropriate field.

  • Choose Save.

  • Then assign the particular version with the dropdown menu to the right. 

  • As always, make sure to click Save Changes when you’re done. 

  • Note that you have to return to the “Spanish” view (or any other language), to locate that translated copy of the text. 

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