Release Notes: Rover PMS (v3.3)

Modified on: Wed, 9 Jan, 2019 at 11:38 AM

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v3.3)

Effective: 20 December 2017


COMMISSIONS *Standalone Only 

Enhanced Functionality

We are excited to announce that the Commissions page has undergone some major changes that drastically improve the page’s functionality. Learn all about these new enhancements HERE and stay tuned for additional announcements in future release notes. 


FULL SCREEN MODE *Standalone Only 

Full Screen Mode

The following screens can now be expanded to ‘full screen mode’:

  • Account Bill
  • Guest Bill
  • Allotment Rooming list
  • Group Rooming list
  • Group Room Block 
  • Allotment Room Block 
  • Group Transactions screen

Whenever you see the following icon , you know you can click to expand the page to full screen mode, like in the example below.

 Just click the ‘x’ icon to close this view.

ZEST STATION  *Standalone and Overlay 

Display Credit Card Number 

  • We’ve introduced a new setting that allows properties using Zest Station to display the guest’s credit card information on the ‘Review Your Bill’ page during checkout. The screen will display the credit card type, the last four digits of the card, and the expiration date. 
  • Learn how to configure this setting HERE or support a support request for assistance.

INTERFACES *Standalone Only 

  • The M3 export allows users to choose if Rover PMS sends ONLY room revenue data or ALL revenue data. At this time, this only impacts the Financial Journal Market Segments No Tax and Financial Journal Market Segments.

  • Snapshot: We’ve implemented additional security with Snapshot that will protect the hotel's data.

  • We are building out our PMS to support another interface: Juyo Analytics. This interface is not available to hotels yet. Please standby for further announcements regarding this integration. 

  • We've introduced another system defined payment method to Rover PMS: Payment Type DK (Dankort). This payment type is specifically for use with 3c systems.

  • The .csv file that gets sent to AFAS from Rover PMS will now display the Company or Travel Agent Name in the 4th column of the file. (Note: Originally, this column was split in two, and displayed the first name and last name of the Primary Contact Details.) Additionally, the field ‘Invoice Number’ now displays the actual Rover invoice number (NOT the bill number).

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