How to Navigate the Commissions Page

Modified on: Thu, 24 Jan, 2019 at 8:41 AM

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How to Navigate the Commissions Page

Access the Commissions page (Sidebar Menu > Financials > Commissions) to review current Commissions owed or 'on hold' for Travel Agents. 

Commissions Page Overview: 


  • (1) To Pay: This tab lists all open/unpaid accounts.
  • (2) On Hold: This tab lists all accounts that have been marked as 'put on hold.’ These accounts will not be available for repayment until a certified user approves the account for payment. Only reservations with an “unpaid” status can be placed on hold. It is not possible to set paid records on hold. 
  • (3) Export: This button exports all the open/unpaid travel agents under the “To Pay” tab in a .csv file (best done from a desktop). At this time, users can export a standard .csv file to any recipient with a valid email address (see screenshot below). 

  • (4) List of Open Accounts: The Commissions page automatically opens a list of ‘To Pay’ accounts. Users have the option to view ‘On Hold’ accounts by selecting the ‘On Hold’ button.  

-  Note the grey double arrow chevron arrows that appear to the left of the travel agent icon. 

- Click these arrows to reveal reservation details. Select one or multiple reservations. 

- You have the option to update one or multiple reservations with a ‘hold’ status or mark the reservations(s) as ‘set to paid.’ 

- Choose ‘Clear Selection’ when you want to de-select all the reservations currently selected. The account will ‘disappear’ and reappear on the 'On Hold' page if the user marks ALL reservations with a ‘hold’ status.

- From the ‘On Hold’ tab, selecting reservations will reveal a ‘Release’ button.

- When a user selects the orange chevron arrows, Rover opens the Travel Agent’s commissions tab. The selection of Travel Agents varies depending on which tab you have selected (To Pay vs On Hold). 

- From here, users can also place the reservation records 'On Hold.' Multi select hold by using the check marks and then the dropdown menu.

- There is also the option to update a single invoice with a hold/unhold status by clicking the hold button 

- If no invoices are selected, the user can choose to sort invoices by configuring the Commissions tab toolbar. 

- The ‘Paid Status’ dropdown menu can sort for Paid, Unpaid, Prepaid, and On Hold invoices. 

  • (5) Paginator: New paginator prompts allow the Rover-user to navigate to a particular page.
  • (6) Search Bar: You can retrieve an account with the search bar. Choose to search by: Travel Agent Name, IATA Number, or City. You can also enter a Minimum Amount in the field provided to the right of the search bar (i.e. Min. Amount of $12.00).

Lastly, if while looking at the ‘To Pay’ page, you notice the following ‘hold’ icon (red hand in an octagon), that means that one or more of the reservations under this account have a been marked as ‘On Hold’. However, because not all the reservations have been updated with a ‘hold’ status, the account will remain on the ‘To Pay’ page. 


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