Release Notes: Rover PMS (v2.9)

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v2.9)

Effective: 27 September 2017



Overview: We’ve made some major changes to the Accounts Receivable module. During this initial code migrations, you may notice the Accounts Receivable page is inaccessible while deployment finishes. You can learn all about these product enhancements by watching the latest webinar in our Knowledge Base here

  • You now have the ability to allocate and unallocate payments to a bill from the AR module. 
    • Allocations can be for full or partial amounts.
    • Unallocations can only be for the full amount. 
  • The AR module now manages information from four tabs: 

    • Balance: This is the total outstanding amount to be paid for all the invoices. These invoices will display a “total due” amount. 

    • Paid: The total sum of all the invoices that have been paid. When expanded, these invoices will display a $0.00 amount.  

    • Unallocated: This is the outstanding amount available to be allocated. 

    • Allocated: This is the total amount of credits that have been allocated.

  • You can now submit a payment with the Payment button. 

  • The Manual Balance Entry, which is used for recording invoices while switching between PMS’s, has been implemented in the AR module.  

    • This is only available during the initial cutover between two systems.

    • Requires the configuration of a non-revenue charge code.  



+NEW Button Added to Multiple Screens: The + NEW button (which can be used to quickly create new reservations) will now display on the following screens in Rover PMS:

  • The Dashboard 
  • Any of the screens accessible from the Dashboard (arrivals, departures, stayovers, departures, etc.)
  • Anywhere that Rover’s search bar is available to use. 


Auto Assign Tasks: This new functionality allows you to automatically assign available housekeeping tasks to selected employees. This module will take the employee and the work type filter into consideration when assigning tasks. 

How to Use the Auto Assign button: 

  • To auto-assign tasks, navigate from the Sidebar Menu to Housekeeping > Task Management.
  • Select Manage Work Sheets at the bottom of the page. 
  • Then, use the drop down menu to select the employees you want to assigns tasks to. 
  • Lastly, choose the Auto Assign button. 
  • The auto-assign feature will split the available tasks equally between the selected employees. 
  • If the ratio of room/tasks to employees cannot be evenly split, Rover will “hold” the remaining rooms under the unassigned column (see screenshot below).
  • Any remaining rooms will need to be manually assigned by a Rover-user.  

Coming Soon: We are planning to further develop the auto assign functionality to assign tasks by housekeeping sections and employee work-time. Standby for future updates in upcoming releases. 


Overbooking Restrictions with Direct APIs: Rover PMS does not support overbooking of room types with external 3rd party systems that use direct API integration with Rover. When there is no availability, our API will fail the reservation with an appropriate error message. (Please note this is not applicable for Synxis and other CRS integrations; if the system overbooks, Rover will accept the booking.)

AccountView Update: Rover PMS no longer includes headers in the .cvs files for RV and CL exports. 

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