Create a Feature Request

Modified on: Mon, 9 May, 2022 at 8:16 AM

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Create a Feature Request


Suggestions to improve or add new functionality to our product's existing design are recognized as feature requests. This article will help you submit feature requests in Helpdesk. 



  • Feature requests differ from support requests (i.e., tickets), because they focus on design changes or product enhancements. 
  • Support requests should be created when you believe you are experiencing an issue with the system (learn more here).


  • Once submitted, feature requests are reviewed by the Product Team and updated with a “status” indicating whether the request has been accepted, not taken, in progress, etc. 
  • Please note, there are several criteria that must be met beforea feature request is accepted by the Product Team. Some criteria include:
    • Need: How necessary is the feature?
    • Demand: Are multiple parties requesting this feature? 
    • Time: How much time is required to build the feature?
    • Vision: Does the feature fit into Stayntouch’s vision for the product?


  • Once a feature request is reviewed by the Product Team, the request will be updated with one of the following statuses: 
    • Planned: Scheduled for a future release.
    • In Progress: Currently being developed, but not yet available to use.
    • Deferred: Under review but not being developed at this time; potentially saved for a future release. 
    • Implemented: Already available to use in the system.   
    • Not Taken: Not selected for development at this time.


Step 1. Search for an Existing Feature Request  

  • We recommend using the search bar along the header of the Feature Request page to see if another property has already submitted a similar feature request. 
  • Enter a few keywords into the search bar to reveal similar topics. 
  • If you locate a feature request that's already been created, we recommend "following" the request. 
  • Why choose to follow? You'll receive updates regarding the feature request by following the topic. 
  • You can also "like" the request.
  • Or choose to comment on the request at the bottom of the page. 

Step 2. Access the Feature Request Page  

  • From the Feature Request page, you have two options for creating a feature request. 

Option A: 

Option B: 

  • While on the Feature Request page, click the Ideas and Feature Requests header. 

  • Then, choose Start a New Topic. 

Step 3. Complete the Form 

  • Fill out the submission form. 

  • Please be detailed when describing the desired functionality. 

  • The * (asterisk) indicates a required field.

  • Lastly, select Save at the bottom of the form. 

Step 4. Success!

  • You’ve successfully created your support request. 

  • Continue to monitor the request from the Ideas and Feature Requests Forum here

  • Note: You must be logged in to access this forum in the Knowledge Base. 


  • Explore the forum and use the following tools to: 

Search for existing feature requests with the search bar. 

Reply to a topic. 
Follow a request to receive updates on the status of the feature.

Show My Topics to list all the feature requests you're currently following. 

"Like" a previously submitted request. 

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