Create a Feature Request

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Create a Feature Request


Suggestions to improve or add new functionality to our product's existing design are recognized as feature requests. This article will help you submit feature requests in Helpdesk. 


Feature Request vs. Support Request 

  • Feature requests differ from support requests (i.e., tickets) because they focus on design changes or product enhancements. 
  • Support requests should be created when you believe you are experiencing an issue with the system (learn more here).


  • Once submitted, feature requests are reviewed by the Product Team and updated with a “status” indicating whether the request has been accepted, not taken, in progress, etc. 
  • Please note, there are several criteria that must be met before a feature request is accepted by the Product Team. Some criteria include:
    • Need: How necessary is the feature?
    • Demand: Are multiple parties requesting this feature? 
    • Time: How much time is required to build the feature?
    • Vision: Does the feature fit into StayNTouch’s vision for the product?

Understanding the Feature Request Statuses 

  • Once a feature request is reviewed by the Product Team, the request will be updated with one of the following statuses: 
    • Planned: Scheduled for a future release.
    • In Progress: Currently being developed, but not yet available to use.
    • Deferred: Under review but not being developed at this time; potentially saved for a future release. 
    • Implemented: Already available to use in the system.   
    • Not Taken: Not selected for development at this time.


Step 1. Search for an Existing Feature Request  

  • We recommend using the search bar along the header of the Feature Request page to see if another property has already submitted a similar feature request. 
  • Enter a few keywords into the search bar to reveal similar topics. 
  • If you locate a feature request that's already been created, we recommend "following" the request. 
  • Why choose to follow? You'll receive updates regarding the feature request by following the topic. 
  • You can also "like" the request.
  • Or choose to comment on the request at the bottom of the page. 

Step 2. Access the Feature Request Page  

  • From the Feature Request page, you have two options for creating a feature request. 

Option A: 

Option B: 

  • While on the Feature Request page, click the Ideas and Feature Requests header. 

  • Then, choose Start a New Topic. 

Step 3. Complete the Form 

  • Fill out the submission form. 

  • Please be detailed when describing the desired functionality. 

  • The * (asterisk) indicates a required field.

  • Lastly, select Save at the bottom of the form. 

Step 4. Success!

  • You’ve successfully created your support request. 

  • Continue to monitor the request from the Ideas and Feature Requests Forum here

  • Note: You must be logged in to access this forum in the Knowledge Base. 

Search, Like, and Follow Feature Requests:

  • Explore the forum and use the following tools to: 

Search for existing feature requests with the search bar. 

Reply to a topic. 
Follow a request to receive updates on the status of the feature.

Show My Topics to list all the feature requests you're currently following. 

"Like" a previously submitted request. 

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