How to Submit a Support Request

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How to Submit a Support Request

The Helpdesk portal is a centralized location for you to open, track, and respond to support requests or “tickets”. Each ticket is assigned its own unique case number that allows you to track the ticket’s progress and view closed issues. 

A member of StayNTouch Support will create and share your login information with you so you can begin accessing our Helpdesk portal. In most cases, submitting a support ticket in Helpdesk will be the main channel used by you and your team to ask questions, problems, or issues. 


  1. Login to your Helpdesk account here:

  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Select Create a New Ticket

  4. Complete the support request form: 

    • Enter your email address.

    • Add your full name

    • Provide a subject for your request (i.e., Feature Request, Check-Out Failed, Reservation Missing).

    • Select a priority level for your request. 

      • A Priority 1 issue (System down/Rover PMS inaccessible) should be called in immediately to StayNTouch Support. If you are indeed experiencing a Priority 1 issue, please contact StayNTouch Support at 301-563-9473.

    • Include a description of the problem or inform us of the intended behavior. Be as detailed as possible when submitting your support request, as this will greatly increase our support team’s ability to address your query. 

    • Attach screenshots/images as often as possible (strongly recommended). 

  5. Finally, click submit, and you're done! 

Step 1. Login to Your Account 

Step 2. Enter Your Login Credentials

Step 3. Create a New Ticket 

Step 4. Complete the Support Request Form 

Step 5. Click Submit 


Once a ticket is submitted, it will be updated with a status depending on how it's being handled by our support team at that time. 

Helpdesk Support Request Statuses Include:

  • Being Processed - Your ticket has been received and will be worked on by the next available Support Agent. 
  • Investigating - A Support Agent is currently investigating your ticket. 
  • Awaiting Your Reply* - The Support Agent has requested more details or additional information from you. 
  • Solution Suggested* - The Support Agent has recommended a resolution to your issue and is awaiting your confirmation.
  • Escalated to Development - The Support Agent has determined that the issue needs to be addressed by the engineering team. This could be a bug that needs to be corrected in an upcoming code release, or it could be a data issue that can be corrected without a code release. 
  • Resolved* - This means that the ticket engagement has concluded, and the issue is considered resolved. 

*Please note: On tickets in Awaiting Your Reply and Solution Suggested, an email notification will be sent after three days to remind you that the ticket is waiting for your response or confirmation. After seven days with no response, the ticket will be set to Resolved for statistical tracking purposes. You may reopen the ticket at any time by simply replying to it on the ticket portal, and the Support Agent will be very happy to continue the investigation.

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