How to Submit a Support Request

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How to Submit a Support Request

The Helpdesk portal is a centralized location for you to open, track, and respond to support requests or “tickets”. Each ticket is assigned its own unique case number that allows you to track the ticket’s progress and view closed issues. 

A member of Stayntouch Support will create and share your login information with you so you can begin accessing our Helpdesk portal. In most cases, submitting a support ticket in Helpdesk will be the main channel used by you and your team to ask questions, problems, or issues. 


To open a ticket via our web portal, simply select the following link:, select Create a new ticket, and follow the steps outlined below: 


  1. Registered Email Address Only: This field will pre-populate with your login email address. Please do not change.
    • Add CC: Click the Add CC link to include additional email addresses if desired. 
  2. Your First and Last Name: Enter your first and last name in this field.
  3. Hotel Name: Enter the name of the hotel experiencing the issue. 
  4. Subject: Include a brief but descriptive title for the ticket.
  5. What Section Do You Need Support: Indicate the section for which you need support. Select from one of the following:
    • Front Desk
    • Groups
    • Revenue Management
    • Housekeeping
    • Financials
    • Actions Managers
    • Reports
    • Settings and Configuration
    • Integrations
  1. Priority: Select the urgency of your issue/request. Please choose the most appropriate option to receive the most efficient response.
    • *Priority 1: Critical 
      • The platform is down, cannot access the system*. 
      • Customer cannot check a guest in or out or book a reservation. 
      • Customer cannot access the system. 
    • Priority 2: High 
      • Guests cannot check in or out from Stayntouch Guest Mobility.
      • Certain actions and data fields in Stayntouch Cloud PMS are not functional. 
    • Priority 3: Low 
      • Informational cases.
      • Reporting. 
    • Feature Request/Customization
      • Enhancement requests.
      • Requests for new features or customizations.
  1. Description: In the description space of your ticket, please be as detailed as possible. The more information you provide, the better we can respond to and resolve your tickets. Helpdesk’s simple ticket support system allows you to include links and images right in the body of the ticket. Please note, if providing screenshots in your description, and the screenshot contains credit card data, please be sure to mask the credit card data before submitting the ticket to Stayntouch Support.
  2. Best Telephone Number to Reach You About This Issue: Enter a phone number for us to contact you if necessary.







Once a ticket is submitted, it will be updated with a status depending on how it's being handled by our support team at that time. 

Helpdesk Support Request Statuses Include:

  • New: Your support request has been created and assigned to an agent for further review and action.
  • Investigating: Your support request has been received, and the Support Team is actively researching and reviewing how to resolve the reported issue.
  • Awaiting Your Reply: A member of Stayntouch Support has requested additional information regarding your support request. We are waiting for you to respond in order to proceed. You have five days to respond or close the support request yourself before the status automatically switched to closed.
  • Solution Suggested: Stayntouch Support responded to your support request, and a solution or workaround was provided. If a solution is suggested, your support request will display a Solution Suggested – Please Confirm status for three days. You have three days to respond or close the support request yourself before the status automatically switched to closed.
  • Resolved/Closed: Your support request has been responded to and it is determined that no further action is required at this time. Please note enhancements or feature requests will also be closed as they are directed to Stayntouch’s Development Team for review. A closed support request can be reopened if necessary.  
  • Escalated to Development: It is determined that a code fix is required, and the issue or feature has been escalated to the Development Team. We will communicate the date the fix or feature will be available once that information has been determined.
  • Vendor Support: Stayntouch is waiting for the third party/vendor to either address the issue or provide additional details to troubleshoot the problem.

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