Release Notes: Rover PMS (v2.4)

Modified on: Wed, 9 Jan, 2019 at 9:04 AM

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v2.4)

Effective: 27 June 2017



  • Automatically update multiple nightly rates by selecting the “copy” button while configuring a custom rate from the Stay Card. 
  • The newly entered value will be copied to all subsequent cells. 
  • The copy button is a downward pointing arrow, and only appears if the reservation is booked for more than one night. 
  • Locate the copy button by first applying a custom rate from the Stay Card. (Open the guest’s Stay Card, select the rate, and then choose Apply Custom Rate.) 
  • Save these changes, by selecting the green “update” button.
  • Rate changes are recorded in the Activity Log with an “edit reservation” note. 




  • The restrict post toggle prevents hotel staff from posting additional charges to a guest’s bill if the guest doesn’t have a credit card on file. 
  • *NEW* Now, if the restrict post toggle is ON (preventing posting), it will automatically switch to OFF (allowing posting) when a staff member updates the reservation with a credit card.     
  • This is true for Rover PMS, Zest Web, Zest Station, SIX Payment, and SaferPay.



  • Comtrol: Rover now accepts tips from Comtrol when the amount in message 61 is $0.00. 
  • Lightspeed: Lightspeed’s Financial API provides receipt information for a given day. In Lightspeed’s API, a “done” message and a “paid” message are delivered to Rover. Rover now supports both messages. 
  • Rainmaker: For the Rainmaker interface, we’ve added a resync that synchronizes historical and future data for rates, inventory, reservations, and groups. In Rover (Interfaces > Revenue Management Center > guestrev), it is possible to set a start/end date, which will then send this data to Rainmaker. Date ranges cannot exceed 45 days. 
  • Rainmaker: We now receive OTA_HotelRatePlanNotifRQ/RS (rate plan requests / responses) messages from Rainmaker for Rates. 
  • ZDirect: When sending required information to Demand360, we now include a OTA_HotelInvBlockNotifRQ (group block notification) message. This message is sent from Rover to the GMS (ZDirect). 
  • Duetto: Rover now includes the upsell amount when sharing the rate amount with Duetto. For example, if a room was originally sold for $150, but the upsell revenue is $10, then Duetto will receive a message for $160.
  • Digital Alchemy: We now send reservation information to Digital Alchemy when a reservation is created in Rover. This includes when a reservation is created, cancelled (status), and any adjustment made to the number of accompanying adults and children. 

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