Rover PMS: Release Notes (v2.2)

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Rover PMS

Release Notes (v2.2)

Effective: 24 May 2017



  • Enhancement: When configured, your property’s header and hotel name can be setup to display a unique color (Figure 1). Only colors available for selection in the color scheme (Figure 2) can be used. To configure this setting, the user must (1) have the correct permission assigned to their user role (Settings - Access to Hotel Admin) and (2) navigate to Settings > Hotel & Staff > Hotel Details and choose a color under the Hotel Name and Location section. Learn more here

Figure 1. 

Figure 2. 



  • Enhancement: Easily identify adjoining suite rooms from the Room Diary page, by hovering the mouse cursor over a suite room icon (iPad users should tap the suite room icon). Rover will then display all rooms that make up the suite room. For Example: The screenshot below shows that Room 120 is a suite room (noted by the orange suite icon). By hovering over (or tapping) the suite room icon, we can see that Room 112 and Room 199 complete the suite. 


  • KeyPR: We’ve introduced a new mobile key system: KeyPR (Settings > Interfaces > Door Lock Systems). KeyPR provides guests keyless entry to their room via a mobile app. A message (which is configurable in KeyPR) is triggered to the guest during pre-checkin, checkin, checkout, and room-move.

  • iHotelier:  In Rover’s Interface Settings, the label TravelClick has been renamed iHotelier. 

  • Vertical Booking: Rate inventory messages (restrictions, availability, prices) sent to Vertical Booking are now broken into 30 days increments. After 30 days, a new XML is created and delivers the remaining data in an additional XML. This rule applies to all subsequent messages. 

  • ZDirect: The following fields are now included when sending reservation information in the form of a OTA_HotelResNotifRQ message to ZDirect: 

    • Source Code

    • Market Code

    • Deposit Details

    • Cancellation Number (For canceled reservations) 

    • Group Code (For group reservations)

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