Create New Rover Users

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Create New Rover Users

When creating a new Rover-user, you'll need to manage the user's permissions and select their Default Dashboard view. Permissions control what the user can do and/or access in Rover, while the Default Dashboard determines what information (guest counts, room counts, upsell activity, etc.) the user sees when they first login to Rover. Read below for more details. 


Step 1. Navigate to Settings 

  • While logged into Rover, choose Settings > Hotel & Staff > User Setup.

Select + Add New.


Step 2. Enter Details 

  • Enter the user’s details. All fields with a red asterisk are required:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email (Retype Email) 
    • Job Title 
    • Password (Retype Password) 

IMPORTANT: When assigning the user a password, you DO NOT need to remember/share the password with the user. The user will receive an automated email with a link to create an entirely new password.

ADDITIONALLY: Once the user creates their permanent password (via the account activation email delivered to their email), their user status in Rover will auto-update to Active

Step 3. User Roles/Permissions 

  • Then, scroll down to the User Roles section.
  • Drag and drop a role to the assigned section. 
  • We strongly recommend only assigning one user role to the assigned section (like in the example below), to avoid creating user profiles with conflicting permissions.  
  • Based on the role(s) you assign, the user will have certain permissions auto-enabled for them. 

Note: You can configure permission in Settings > Hotel & Staff > Permissions. There are certain permissions that control if the user can access different pages in Rover > Settings.

These pages can include the following (although some settings are not used after initial configuration in Rover Overlay):

  • Settings - Hotel & Staff 
  • Settings - Zest
  • Settings - Promos & Upsell 
  • Settings - Guest Cards 
  • Settings - Rooms 
  • Settings - Financials 
  • Settings - Rates 
  • Settings - Reservations 
  • Settings - Interfaces
  • Settings - Stats & Reports 

Step 4. Default Dashboard 

  • Next, at the very bottom of the page you’ll see the Default Dashboard dropdown menu (located under User Roles). 
  • In addition to controlling what your users can do in Rover (with the permission settings), you can also choose to manage their Dashboard view. 

  • The Dashboard in Rover is the main screen that opens after a user logs in. It often displays details like counts for due-in guests, due-out guests, stayovers, occupancy rates, etc. 

  • There are three Dashboard views in Rover:
    • Manager Dashboard: Default dashboard for the Hotel Admin user role.
    • Housekeeping Dashboard: Default dashboard for the Floor & Maintenance Staff user role.
    • Front Desk Dashboard: Default dashboard for the Front Office Staff user role.
  • To manage which dashboard will be assigned to a particular group's Default Dashboard (i.e., Manager, Housekeeping, or Front Desk), navigate to Settings > Hotel & Staff > User Roles
  • Note that regardless of which Default Dashboard you assign to the user, they will still have access to all the items in the Sidebar Menu.


Step 5. Save Changes

  • Always make sure to Save Changes before leaving this page. 

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